Frequently asked questions about OLLI at CSUF


What is OLLI at CSUF?

We are the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at California State University, Fullerton. For more about us, let me suggest that you start with this message from our president. Click here for the message. 
Now click here for information about the history of OLLI at CSUF.
Now click here for our mission statement and our organization structure. (Note: We are a volunteer run organization. Except for the four people listed as 'ex-officio', everyone else on that list is a volunteer. All of our instructors and pretty much anyone who does anything at OLLI, is a volunteer.)

How do I take a class at OLLI?

You have to join OLLI as a member (see next question). For most courses, once you are a member, there is no other registration required. You simply attend any class that you think is interesting. A few courses do require pre-registration due to classroom size limitations. A few courses have fees to cover materials used in the course. Any fees or pre-registration requirements for a course will be discussed in the course description. Note: Some classes are designated as 'Open to the Public'. Anyone is welcome to attend those classes without an OLLI membership.

What are the Membership Requirements?

Anyone retired or semi-retired may join. Members from all backgrounds are welcome; a college education or previous association with the university is not a prerequisite for membership. The only requirement is a desire to learn and /or volunteer with friends you have not yet met. Lifelong learning never retires!

How do I join OLLI?

You can become an OLLI member by registering online at Y ou can also contact the OLLI office at 657-278-2446.

How do I access OLLI's online courses via Zoom.

Click here for information on how to use Zoom and links to our online courses (OLLI members only). When you become a member, we have many training classes available. You will be on board with your own CSUF Zoom account in no time!

What is offered by OLLI?

We have courses on many topics (arts, sciences, humanities), day trips, multi-day trips, and various social activities. We also have been recording some of our classes and and we have the videos posted online.
Click here for a list of our courses - sorted alphabetically.
Click here for a list of our courses - sorted by topic.
Click here for information about our day and overnight trips.
Click here for videos of previous classes.

What is happening today at OLLI?

Our calendars can be found on the OLLI website and easily accessible on your mobile devices. Click here for our daily calendar of OLLI activities. (Click an individual topic for more information.)

As an OLLI Member, can I take courses in other departments at CSUF?

Yes, OLLI members can audit other CSUF courses with permission from the CSUF instructor. Click here for more information about auditing courses.  Since we are not allowed back on campus, all transactions will need to be done electronically.  Information will be posted on the Auditing classes page on the OLLI website. The OLLI phone number is 657-278-2446 

Can OLLI members use the CSUF's Pollak Libary?

Yes. Click here for more information about using the Pollak Library.

As an OLLI member, can I use other CSUF campus experiences and resources?

Yes, click here for more information on this question.

Where can I park on campus?

A CSUF parking pass is included with your OLLI membership. Click here for more information about parking on our campus.

Where can I find the flyer or form for …

Click here for the flyers for trips.
Click here for the flyers for OLLI events.
Click here for the form and procedures for proposing a new course.
Click here for information about auditing CSUF courses including how to obtain the ' OLLI Permit to Audit' form and the 'Titanium Access Request' form.
Click here for the application form to serve on the OLLI Board of Trustees.

I have a copy of the OLLI Blue Book. Are there any corrections since this was printed

Click here for updates to the OLLI Blue Book.

Why am I not receiving the various OLLI email newsletters?

Check if your OLLI newsletters are in your email spam folder. For further assistance, contact our email editors at

If I want to volunteer with OLLI, where can I get more information?

Our volunteers form the heart of the OLLI experience. We welcome new volunteers and we have a wide variety of volunteer opportunities available.
Click here for more information about volunteering at OLLI.