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The OLLI Trips Committee plans and coordinates trips of educational interest to OLLI members to locations off the CSUF campus. These trips are OLLI special events and are subject to the Special Events Registration Policy (see link below). Trips are of two types: day trips and overnight trips. Some recent or planned day trips include the Hollywood Bowl, JPL and LAX. Some recent or planned overnight trips include Death Valley, Monterey, and Costa Rica. Members are notified of upcoming trips via the ChroniCLE, the OLLI email newsletters and the OLLI bulletin board. If members have ideas for future trips, bring them to the Trips Committee meetings .

Chair : Ken Luke


Events also require a signed copy of the Waiver/Release of Liability form.  Click Here to get the Waiver/Release of Liability form.  PDF File

These trips are OLLI Special Events and are subject to the Special Events Registration Policy. Click here to get the Special Events Registration Policy. 

Current trips:   

Wednesday, February 15, 2003

Motion Picture Academy Museum TripMotion Picture Academy Museum

Visit this magnificent new museum on the Miracle Mile, and celebrate the art and science of moviemaking, featuring such memorabilia as Dorothy’s Ruby Slippers, costumes of magnificent artistry, historic collections of scripts, Oscar winners’ exhibits and huge screens to rekindle movie memories. You can even have your very own Oscar experience, a video with you accepting an authentic Oscar (book separately for $15). Visit the 4th floor for information on making cartoons, creating special effects and editing. Then stroll onto the rooftop plaza for a terrific view of Hollywood and downtown Los Angeles.

After the museum, we will go by bus to Canter’s Deli, the famous and historic hang-out of Hollywood stars, sports stars, rock bands and other celebrities. You may choose your own meal from their extensive and excellent menu.

The cost is $55 for admission to the museum, snacks and water and the bus and tip for bus driver but does not include lunch at Canter’s.

Signups begin January 3, 2023 and are limited to 51 people.

Click here for the Motion Picture Academy Museum Trip flyer with mor information and payment coupon. PDF File

Wednesday March 15, 2023

California Science Center featuring the EndeavorShuttle Endeavor

We will travel to Los Angeles to visit the spacious Science Center, featuring up close viewing of the fantastic Space Shuttle Endeavor, with videos highlighting past missions and the crews who flew them. In addition, there are other fascinating exhibits on air and space travel, from the Wright Brothers’ 1902 glider to modern military aircraft and space capsules.

There also is an excellent exhibit on the earth’s ecosystems and many other detailed, informative and interactive attractions.

Click here for the flyer for the California Science Center trip including payment coupon. PDF File

Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Huntington Gardens and Calleries, Pasadena

Flowers and a humming birdThe Huntington features 130 acres of botanical gardens, including 16 spectacular themed gardens, and galleries with distinguished collections of European and American Art.

In the gardens, April is the best time of year; it is hard to find a garden not in bloom. The wonderful themed gardens include the Rose Garden (first early blooms), the California Garden (~50,000 California natives and dry-climate plants), the Desert Garden (most blooms of the year in April), and the Chinese Garden (where water, rocks, plants and architecture all have meaning). Also, the Japanese Garden, Jungle Garden, Palm Garden, Shakespeare Garden, Subtropical Garden and more.

The Huntington Art Collections focus on two distinct areas-European art from the 15th to the early 20th century in the Huntington Gallery, and American art from the late 17th to the mid-20th century in the Virginia Steel Scott Galleries.

Finally, the Huntington gift shop is excellent and worth a longer-than-usual visit before you leave.

When we first arrive, we will split up into small groups and take an easy one hour, docent-led walking tour of the central area of estate, including galleries and gardens.

For lunch, you will have a choice of eateries at different price points: 1919 Cafe (freshly prepared grab & go entrees, salads, sandwiches, and snacks-$5-$20);the Red Car Coffee Shop (espresso, tea, pastries, ice cream, snacks, and grab-and-go fare); the Jade Court Cafe (Asian entrees-$11-$20); and the Freshwater Pavilion (tea, pastries, snacks, grab and go-$6-$15). The Rose Garden Tea Room has been closed for renovations and may or may not be open by the time we visit. It would be an expensive, yet charming option, in the past requiring reservations 6+ weeks in advance. If you're interested, please check the Huntington web site for current information. https: //

Click here for the Huntington Garden and Galleries flyer. PDF File

Tuesday, May 9, 2023

Natural History Museum, Los Angeles

Natural History MuseumThe NHM experience is nature and culture from the inside out. We will explore mind blowing exhibitions such as: Becoming Los Angeles, Age of Mammals, Dinosaur Hall, Nature Gardens, P-22 (new as of December), Gem and Mineral Hall, Otis Boot Pavilion (with a real fin whale swimming through the air), the Butterfly Pavilion (depending on availability), and many others. Each exhibition is designed to showcase and explore its contents and enrich our knowledge.

Click here for the Natural History Museum tour flyer with payment coupon. PDF File

Past Trip Highlights

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Past trip highlights  

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  China Cultural Trip October 2019 Group photo