Vision, Mission, and Organizational Structure 



OLLI at California State University Fullerton provides active older adults with opportunities to continue learning in a university setting, to engage with peers, to serve our communities, and to support and enhance the activities of the University.


  • Provide lifelong learning opportunities in courses and activities desired and determined by the membership,
  • Collaborate with other California State University Fullerton (CSUF) organizations,
  • Provide members the means to coordinate, teach, and participate in activities and to thereby share their wealth of knowledge and expertise,
  • Create a social milieu that enables members to enjoy fellowship with their peers,
  • Provide volunteering opportunities within the CSUF community



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Executive Committee


Mike Stover

Vice President Administration Bill Sampson
Vice President Programs Ellie Monroe
Vice President Communication Chris Shaw
Vice President External Relations Bob Kovacev
Vice President Membership Services Debbie Maxwell
Vice President Technology Jim Monroe
Vice President Facilities Pete Saputo
Vice President Hospitality Lisa Sewell
Secretary Renee Cabrera
Treasurer Vickie Hite
Parliamentarian Phil Barnhard


Jim Di Tota, Maggie Giles, Joanne Hardy, Jay Messner, Chris Milford, Kent Morris,  Sue Mullaly, Tony Package, Jill Patterson

   Immediate Past President
Ellie Monroe


Dr. Debra Leahy, Dean of Extension and Vice President for International Programs

Karen McKinley, Senior Director, Extension and International Programs

Patsy Burns, Administrative Manager, OLLI 

Appointed Positions

90+ Program (vacant)
Archivist/Historian Joanne Hardy
Blue Book

Chris Shaw, Editor

Blue Book Development

Ellie Monroe, Lead

Budget Committee Vickie Hite, Chair
ChroniCLE Chris Shaw, Editor
Coordinator Training Ellie Monroe and Patsy Burns
CSUF Student Awards Committee Sue Mullaly, Chair
Curriculum Committee Renee Cabrera & Sue Batie, Co-Chairs
Development/Philanthropy Committee Mike Stover, Acting Chair
Digital Document Archive Joanne Hardy, Lead
Digital Image Archive Chris Shaw, Lead 
Digital Marketing Operations (Social Media) Renee Cabrera & Rosalind Charles, Co-Leads
Distance Learning Bob Newcomb,Lead
Electronic Bulletin Board Melinda Wiltsie, Lead
Facilities Operations Committee Pete Saputo, Chair
Financial Advisory Committee Mike Stover, Chair
Friendship/In Memoriam Committee Debbie Maxwell & Ellie Monroe, Co-Chairs
Gatefold (Open to the Public) Brochure Russell MacKeand, Editor
Grants Committee  Renee Cabrera, Chair
Hospitality Committee Lisa Sewell,  Chair
Kitchen Team Arie Passchier, Lead
Library Team Tony Package, Lead
Long Term Plan 2023-2028 Bob Kovacev and Mike Stover
Mailing Committee Harriette Millman, Lead
Member Scholarships Committee Fred Shecter, Chair
Membership Committee Debbie Maxwell, Chair
Membership Registration Team Joanne Hardy, Lead
Musical Performance Committee Renee Cabrera & Rayleen Williams, Co-Chairs
New Members Orientation  Debbie Maxwell, Lead
Newsletters Ginger Barnhart, Lead
OLLI-CSUF Collaboration Committee Sue Mullaly, Chair
OLLI Personnel and Support Committee Harriette Millman, Lead
Parking and OLLI Trolley Team Patsy Burns and Pete Saputo, Co-Leads
Photography Coordinator Jim Di Tota
Policies and Procedures Committee Joanne Hardy Chair
President's Advisory Council Ellie Monroe, Chair
Speakers Bureau Bob Kovacev, Lead
Technology Education Committee Rosalind Charles and Paul Herrick, Co-Chairs
Technology Liason Committee
Jim Monroe, Chair
Transitions in Retirement Committee Russell MacKeand, Chair
Trips Committee Ken Luke, Chair
Website Committee Dan Coby, Chair

Communications Staff:

Chair: Chris Shaw, VP Communications

Blue Book Editorial Staff

Editor: Chris Shaw

Copy Editors: Judy Alter, Susan Hanna, Steve Kernes, Jill Patterson, Ann Sparks

Bluebook Section Editors and Scheduling: Renee Cabrera, Joanne Hardy, Ellie Monroe, Beverly Risse, Carol Thurk, Sue Batie, Vickie Fears, and Jim Monroe

Indexing / Distribution: Celia Reynolds, Michelle Sanford

Production: Mandy Loo from Extension and International Programs


Editor: Chris Shaw, Assistant Editor, Keni Cox; 

Staff writers: Alice Gresto, Elaine Mitchell, Mary Sampson

Desktop publishing: Celia Reynolds

Photography Coordinator: Jim Di Tota

Digital Marketing Operations (Social Media):

Michele Frankel, Lead.

Newsletter Editors: 

Ginger Barnhart, (Lead) Kathy Gilroy, Melinda Wiltsie

Shapiro Electronic Bulletin Board display:

Melinda Wiltsie

Web editors:

Dan Coby, Michele Frankel, Loralee Page-Ortez, Bev Risse, Ginger Barnhart

Web Support, Extension and International Programs :

Raymundo Venegas,  Andrew Ross