OLLI-CSUF Member Benefits

Connect to your community. Discover a new passion. Expand your world!

Being part of a vibrant, active, fun-loving community of lifelong learners is one of the most important parts of joining OLLI-CSUF. But there are so many others!

Continue to Learn about a Wide Range of Topics using Zoom Technology

  • Lively discussions on current affairs, retirement issues, and successful aging

  • Classes in the arts, science and technology, foreign languages, and more

  • Opportunities to audit CSUF classes - free with permission of the instructor

An Opportunity to Energize Your Lifestyle

  • Classes about health and medical issues

  • Longevity stick exercises and dance classes

  • Opportunities for volunteer activities

  • Make new friends and maintain friendships

University Life at CSUF

  • Opportunities to collaborate with CSUF faculty and students

  • Secure, OLLI-CSUF Wi-Fi privileges for members. Eduroam WI-FI can be used at almost any campus in the US, at many museums, and around the world.

  • Members each have a personal CSUF Zoom account

  • Free access to LinkedIn Learning and online CSUF training workshops

  • Availability of several types of software for CSUF students

  • Your campus email is also a Office 365 Outlook account. You have unlimited storage on this account

  • Access 24/7 to the CSUF Information Technology Help Desk