Changes for the Spring 2023 Semester


Arboretum and/or Campus Walk - The course has been cancelled for the spring semester.

Beginning/Intermediate Line Dance Workshop - This course has been added.

Ceramics II - This course is canceled until further notice.

Exploratory Discussion Group - This course is also available via Zoom.

Hospitality Committee - The committee will meet on Zoom and in Room 8 for the rest of the semester

Mystery Book Club - The January 30 class will be Zoom only.

Short Stories - This course will also meet during the intersession on April 24.

String Ensemble - The course will meet on Thursdays, 10 a.m. to noon. Classes will be in Room 18 starting January 26.

Tai Chi - The class has been canceled for the spring semester

Tech Wars - This course has been added.

Tennis - This course has been added.

Transitions in Retirement Essentials - New presentations and more details about others have been added to the course description. See the course page for details.

Trips Committee – Will be Zoom Only beginning January 11

Writing with Feedback - The class on February 9th will be in Room 21 only. Not Zoom.