TiR Booth

The Transitions in Retirement (TIR) program is for OLLI members transitioning into retirement.

Retirement in the 21st century is a different model from that of the past, which focused mainly on leisure activities (although most OLLI members from past generations do not fit this model!).  As people retire, there may be several phases that evolve, starting from those who are still working part time to those who have very recently severed their ties to their professional workplace and to those who have found a new niche to spend their next phase of life.  In recognition that retirement today consists of several phases and the fact that today, adults will spend another third of their lives in this multi-faceted phase, OLLI-CSUF has created this Transitions in Retirement program.

Join us to make the next phases of your life enjoyable, productive, and satisfying!

Public classes will be marked Open to the Public in bold type.

Click here to sign up for those TiR classes which are Open to the Public, and for other Open to the Public courses and events.

  • There are no courses in the Transitions in Retirement program scheduled for the Summer 2021 semester.