OLLI Gifts


Why donate to OLLI?

While member fees cover a portion of the expenses incurred by OLLI, it is the generosity of members and donors that allows our program to thrive.  Financial gifts to OLLI will be used to ensure that OLLI at CSUF is responsive to unique member needs and sustainable well into the future.

Gift Options (described in more detail in the Blue Book - click here )

  • Fund for the Future

  • OLLI-Today and Tomorrow Fund

  • Computer Education Fund

  • Master’s in Gerontology Scholarship Fund

  • Membership Aid Fund

  • Operating Fund

  • President’s Advisory Council Fund

How do I give?

  • Online:  Click HERE to donate online.

  • Phone:  Contact our CSUF partners in the Philanthropic Foundation (657-278-2118) to arrange a secure payment over the phone.

  • Mail:  Send a check (payable to OLLI-CSFPF with ‘OLLI’ and the fund you are contributing to noted in the memo line) to:

Cal State Fullerton Philanthropic Foundation (CSFPF)
2600 Nutwood Ave., Suite 850
Fullerton, CA  92831

  • Planned Giving: To learn more about planned giving or to set up a legacy gift through your will or trust, please visit CSUF Planned Gift or call 657-278-3947 or email CSUFPlannedGift@fullerton.edu, to learn about all the benefits of making a charitable beneficiary designation.

What are OLLI’s fundraising priorities?

  • Improving accessibility for OLLI members (e.g., funding for updated audio equipment, facility improvements) and CSUF student scholarships.

  • Creating a long-term scholarship fund to help cover the cost of OLLI classes for potential members who would otherwise be unable to afford the program.

Frequently Asked Question

  • How is the CSUF Philanthropic Foundation related to OLLI?  The CSUF Philanthropic Foundation, a 501 (c)(3) non-profit auxiliary organization, is the entity overseeing the University’s gifts and endowments, including OLLI-specific donations. 

  • How can I ensure that my gift is directed to OLLI? Please reference OLLI in the memo of any check and/or use the OLLI-specific link to donate to the program. 

  • Can I stipulate how I would like my donation to be used?   You can restrict your giving to fund a specific purpose, or you can give an unrestricted gift that will not be earmarked for a specific purpose but rather fund OLLI’s highest priorities.

  • Can I remain anonymous?   You can remain anonymous in your giving.

  • Is the donation tax deductible?   You will receive a letter acknowledging your tax-deductible contribution.