OLLI Officers 2020-2021

Joyce Ono

Joyce Ono

  • Preside over all meetings of the membership, the Executive Committee and the Board of Trustees.
  • Function as the chief executive officer.
  • Implement decisions reached by the Executive Committee and the Board of Trustees
  • Report to the membership as is necessary to keep them informed.

Vice President Administration
Michael Stover

Michael Stover
  • Act for the president in the president's absence.
  • Functional Policies and Procedures
  • Personnel
  • Office Support
  • Parking
  • OLLI Trolley
  • Historian

Vice President Programs
Ellie Monroe

Ellie Monroe

  • Curriculum Committee
  • Computer Education
  • TIR
  • Trips
  • Performing Arts Committee
  • Inter-Program Liaison
  • Room Scheduling
  • Instructor and Coordinator Training

Vice President Membership
Debbie Maxwell

Debbie maxwell

  • Membership Registration
  • Membership Orientation
  • Demographic Studies
  • Member Scholarships
  • Volunteer Recruitment/Recognition
  • Friendship Committee
  • Docents

Vice President External Relations
Susan Mullaly

Susan Mullaly

  • University Liaison Member
  • Research Studies, Grants, Awards
  • Speakers Bureau
  • OLLI-CSUF Collaboration
  • Long Range Planning
  • External Publicity & Relationships
  • Membership Recruitment

Vice President Facilities
Pete Saputo

Pete Saputo

  • Facilities Operation
  • Property Management
  • Kitchen

Vice President Technology
Bob Newcomb

Bob Newcomb

  • Audiovisual
  • OLLI/EIP AV Liaison
  • Classroom Support

Vice President Communication
Ginger Barnhart

Ginger Barnhart

  • Internal Publicity
  • ChroniCLE
  • Blue Book
  • OLLI newsletters and other announcements
  • OLLI website
  • OLLI Facebook page
  • Electronic Bulletin Board (Shapiro)
  • OLLI Photo Resources

Vice President Hospitality
Elaine Mitchell

Elaine Mitchell

  • General Meetings
  • Election
  • Social Meetings and Activities
  • Holidays, Dinners, Potluck, etc.

Chris Shaw

Chris Shaw

  • Prepare and distribute the minutes of meetings of the Executive Committee, the Board of Trustees, and general meetings of the membership.
  • Determine which board positions are up for election each year and report them to the board and membership.
  • Solicit applications for candidacy from OLLI members.

Ann Sparks

Ann Sparks

  • Approve the receipt and disbursement of OLLI funds and ensure that appropriate records of all such transactions are kept.
  • Chair a committee to prepare an annual OLLI budget for approval by the Board of Trustees at their April meeting.
  • Present at each regular meeting of the Board of Trustees a monthly financial statement for review by the board.
  • Arrange for publication of a year-end financial statement to be made available to all OLLI members.
  • Monitor the endowment fund created by and for the benefit of OLLI and report status to the Board of Trustees on a prescribed schedule.

 Trustees-at-Large, olli-info@fullerton.edu

 Renee Cabrera

 Benson Chin

 Janice Jeng

 Kathryn Cozza

 Tony Package

 Arie Passchier

 Bill Sampson

 James Monroe - OLLI Past President



 Phil Barnhard