OLLI Officers 2023-2024

Mike Stover

Mike Stover
  • Preside over all meetings of the membership, the Executive Committee and the Board of Trustees.
  • Function as the chief executive officer.
  • Implement decisions reached by the Executive Committee and the Board of Trustees
  • Report to the membership as is necessary to keep them informed.

Vice President Administration
Bill Sampson

Bill Sampson
  • Act for the president in the president's absence.
  • Functional Policies and Procedures
  • Personnel
  • Office Support
  • Parking
  • OLLI Trolley
  • Historian

Vice President Programs
Ellie Monroe

Ellie Monroe

  • Curriculum Committee
  • Computer Education
  • TIR
  • Trips
  • Performing Arts Committee
  • Inter-Program Liaison
  • Room Scheduling
  • Instructor and Coordinator Training

Vice President Membership
Debbie Maxwell

Debbie Maxwell

  • Membership Registration
  • Membership Orientation
  • Demographic Studies
  • Member Scholarships
  • Volunteer Recruitment/Recognition
  • Friendship Committee
  • Docents

Vice President External Relations
Bob Kovacev

Bill Sampson

  • University Liaison Member
  • Research Studies, Grants, Awards
  • Speakers Bureau
  • OLLI-CSUF Collaboration
  • Long Range Planning
  • External Publicity & Relationships
  • Membership Recruitment

Vice President Facilities
Pete Saputo

Pete Saputo


  • Facilities Operation
  • Property Management
  • Kitchen

Vice President Technology
Jim Monroe

Jim Monroe

  • Audiovisual
  • OLLI/EIP AV Liaison
  • Classroom Support

Vice President Communication
Chris Shaw

Chris Shaw

  • Internal Publicity
  • ChroniCLE
  • Blue Book
  • OLLI newsletters and other announcements
  • OLLI website
  • OLLI Facebook page
  • Electronic Bulletin Board (Shapiro)
  • OLLI Photo Resources

Vice President Hospitality

Lisa Sewell
Lisa Sewell




  • General Meetings
  • Election
  • Social Meetings and Activities
  • Holidays, Dinners, Potluck, etc.

Renee Cabrera

Renee Cabrera


  • Prepare and distribute the minutes of meetings of the Executive Committee, the Board of Trustees, and general meetings of the membership.
  • Determine which board positions are up for election each year and report them to the board and membership.
  • Solicit applications for candidacy from OLLI members.

Vickie Hite

Vickie Hite


  • Approve the receipt and disbursement of OLLI funds and ensure that appropriate records of all such transactions are kept.
  • Chair a committee to prepare an annual OLLI budget for approval by the Board of Trustees at their April meeting.
  • Present at each regular meeting of the Board of Trustees a monthly financial statement for review by the board.
  • Arrange for publication of a year-end financial statement to be made available to all OLLI members.
  • Monitor the endowment fund created by and for the benefit of OLLI and report status to the Board of Trustees on a prescribed schedule.

Trustees-at-Large, olli-info@fullerton.edu

Jim Di TotaJim Di Tota

Magge GilesMaggie Giles

Joanne HardyJoanne Hardy

Chris MilfordChris Milford

Jay MessnerJay Messner

Tom La CasaKent Morris

Tom La CasaSue Mullaly

Tony PackageTonyPackage

Tom La CasaJill Paterson


OLLI Past President

Ellie MonroeEllie Monroe  immediatepastpresidentolli@gmail.com



Phil BarnhardPhil Barnhard