OLLI Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are the the blood of OLLI. Our organization includes of hundreds of volunteers. Obviously we are always looking for more. Below are some of the volunteer opportunities within OLLI. Everyone is invited to participate.

To reach us, you use the email address for the contact person if it is given, otherwise you can use our OLLI contact page or email us at olli-Info@fullerton.edu.

If you would like to add or change a volunteer opportunity on this page, then contact the OLLI website chief editor at OLLICSUFwebmaster@gmail.com


Blue Book Course Catalog

Proofreaders needed for the Blue Book Course Catalog.

Contact: Chris Shaw, Editor, tashawc01@gmail.com


Computer Education Committee (CEC)

The Computer (and Technology) Education Committee is dedicated to helping OLLI members make the best use of the ever-increasing technology now ubiquitous in our daily lives. See our CEC meetings

New CEC members with computer and mobile devices expertise needed to teach and help with CEC classes.

Contacts:  Bob Newcomb, Vice President Technology, CEC Chair, or Warren Wilson, CEC Vice Chair


We currently need someone for backup support of the Shapiro lobby display.

Contact: Dan Coby, VP Communications


Curriculum Committee

The Curriculum Committee meets on the first Monday of each month to plan and develop the next semester’s programs. It is open to all OLLI members. See our Curriculum Committee meetings.Opens in new window

Volunteers Needed: Classroom instructors/coordinators/assistant coordinators for set up, coffee making.

Contacts: Janice Jeng, VP Programs, or Judy Alter and Fritz von Coelln, Co-Chairs Curriculum Committee


Day Trips Committee

The OLLI Day Trips Committee plans day trips of interest to OLLI members. OLLI members are encouraged to suggest and to help coordinate trips. See our OLLI Day Trips.

Volunteer needsNew committee members to help plan and implement OLLI trips.

Contact: Ken Luke, Chairman


Facilities/Event Setup

Urgent volunteer needs- assist in setting up/tearing down tables, chairs, tents for events/organize storage areas, work with office staff to do minor repairs.

Contact: Gene Hiegel


Hospitality Committee

Volunteer needs.  Create themes for events, event decorations and food planning, arrange entertainment. Meets the first Friday of the month 1-2:30 p.m. See our Hospitality Committee meetings.

Contact: Judy Lech, VP Hospitality


OLLI Library Volunteers

Books needed for Library

Contact: Tony Package, Lead Librarian


Leadership Support Group

Urgent volunteer needs: Publicity writers, promotional flyer designers, meeting note takers and PowerPoint program designers: Researchers, survey research assistants

Contact: Barry Escoe, OLLI President


Mail Crew

Contact: Patsy Burns at the OLLI Office, 657-278-4271


Membership Committee

Looking for gregarious, fun loving, helpful, enthusiastic, individuals who enjoy meeting prospective members, help greet and register attendees at OLLI Open House.

Contact: .Linda Lockwood, VP Membership


OLLI Office Assistance

Volunteer needs: Answer inquiries, data entry, copy materials for instructors, update Bulletin Board, monitor security keys and other security items, follow up on care of OLLI kitchen.

Contact: Joyce Ono VP Administration  jono@fullerton.edu


OLLI - CSUF Collaboration

Begun in 2010, the OLLI Collaboration Program matches well-qualified volunteers with academic opportunities. OLLI members are an invaluable resource with expertise and skills honed over decades of life and career experiences. For the volunteer, collaboration provides an outlet for continued involvement that research studies have shown to have a positive impact on health, well-being, and even long life.  For the university, collaboration broadens students’ educational experience and helps prepare them for successful careers and life challenges. See our Collaboration Committee meeting schedule  and our OLLI-CSUF Collaboration Web Page

Urgent volunteer needs:  Committee Members willing to chair a team responsible for all collaborations within a college.

Contact: Michael Stover, Chair,  stovermw@gmail.com


OLLI Socials (Every other Thursday afternoon in Shapiro)

Urgent volunteer needs: ABCD room set-up.

Contact:  Dave Musante, OLLI Social Coordinator

Musicians and entertainers; Contact OLLI Social Entertainment Coordinator, Ellie Monroe


OLLI Trolley

Urgent volunteer needs: Trolley Drivers

Contact: Jan Miller OLLITrolley@yahoo.com


Open House Docents

Volunteers to take new members on tours at Open House and other events.

Contact: Janet Genow, Chair


OLLI Outreach and Community Relations Committee

Contact: Ron Osajima


OLLI Hosts for Open House:



Sports Ushers

Urgent volunteer needs: Ushers for baseball

Contact:  Dave Musante, Sports Ushers Coordinator


Technology Representatives

Volunteers Needed: Tech reps to assist instructors and coordinators with audio-visual support.

Contact:   Rick Hearn, VP Technology


Transitions in Retirement (TiR) Committee/New Retiree Curriculum

The TIR Committee  focuses on developing programs and activities for OLLI members who are still working part time or are recently retired. See our TIR Committee meetings.

Urgent volunteer needs: Committee Members, class coordinators/assistant coordinators, retirement boot camp

Contact: Russ MacKeand, Chair TiR Committee