Updates to the Blue Book information for the Spring 2017 Semester

Note: Click on the individual class name for more information about any of these changes.


Learn to Play Alto Recorder: Using Penny Gardner's Nine-Note series for alto recorder as well as interesting supplemental material. The class is designed to accommodate beginners and more experienced players.

OLLI Baseball Bash:  Cal State Fullerton TITANS vs. GONZAGA U. ZAGS is scheduled on Saturday, March 11th. 

Performing Arts Rehearsals: Musical performance rehearsals and workshops.

Poetry Reading:  Irena Praitis, CSUF Professor of literature and creative writing, will read from the recently published anthology, Open Doors: An Invitation to Poetry  on March 9th in Mackey Auditorium. This replaces the March 9th Poetry for Pleasure class 

Right Brain Principles in the Understanding and Creation of Art :  An Exploration and Discovery of Thinking. This interactive class will explore Right Brain/Left Brain drawing and how it relates to improvement in the student’s ability to draw realistically.


Volunteer Opportunities Workshop:  The workshop which was scheduled for February 2nd, has been cancelled.


Brain Matters: The January 19th class has been cancelled. The class will begin on February 2nd.

CSUF Student Performances: The CSUF student performance for February 21st has been cancelled.

Drawing for the Fun of It: The class has been moved to 9:30 to 11:30 am. The class still meets in Shapiro AB on Wednesdays.

Eclectics II: The speaker on February 2nd will be Shana Charles, MPP, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Health Sciences, CSUF.

French 1: The january 18th class has been cancelled. The class will meet on January 25th.

Google Docs Basics WIX4:  The March 6th class has bee moved to Monday, March 13th at 1:15-3:15 p

Guitar Workshop: The January 17th class will not meet.  Classes will meet beginning January 31st.

Guitar/Strings -JamSession:  The date for the Jam Session will be March 8 instead of March 1. 

Interactive Video Conferencing Lectures: The March 9 lecture will meet on March 1 instead.  All lectures will be in Langsdork Hall, Room 302.

Kick-Starting Your Fiction Writing: This class will also meet during the spring intersession.

Life Story Workshop 2:  This class will also meet during the spring intersession.

Line Dancing -- Beginner's Level:  The class will meet during the intersession in January. 

Medical Series at Capriana Retirement Community : The presentation scheduled for February 9th, Use and Abuse of Medical Marujuanna, has been cancelled.

OLLI Social Rollers: The Social Rollers are changing their format from a bowling league to open bowling for all. The first meeting will be January 25th starting at 6:30 p,m.

OLLI Spring Dinner and Play: The Spring Dinner and Play, Two Gentlemen of Verona, has been moved to Sunday March 2nd.

Spanish 3 Grammar: This class has been moved to Tuesdays at 4:30 p.m. The class will also meet in the intersession on January 10th.

Spanish Stories Talk : The January 19th class has been moved to January 26th, in room 19. The remaining class dates are unchanged.

Transitions in Retirement Essentials:   The topic for February 4th will be Estate Planning – Probate and How to Avoid It. The coordinators for the sessions have been added to the description. Added the presentation for Jan. 21st and a quiz on Social Security.  The March 18th class on genealogy has been cancelled.

Women in Today's Society:  Class location has been changed from Room 9 to Pine 111.  


CSUF Student Performances: The Blue Book has incorrect dates listed on the second line of the description. The dates listed for the individual performances are correct.

Musical Montage Concert: The Blue Book has incorrect dates listed on the second line of the description. The actual event date is April 8th.

The Caesars: Might and Madness: The Blue Book has incorrect dates listed on the second line of the description. The dates listed for the individual lectures are correct.