Updates to the Blue Book information for the Spring 2019 Semester

Note: Click on the individual class name for more information about any of these changes.


Curious about How Scientific Explanations Are Developed?  - This course has been cancelled for the Spring Semester.

Fairy Tales—A Look, No Experience Required  - This course has been cancelled for the Spring Semester.


DAR Veterans’ Recognition Event  - This will be held on March 29th in the RGC courtyard from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Mozart and Operas  - This course will discuss how Mozart transformed the opera traditions that he inherited.

Packing Light  - Thursday April 11th - Learn to pack clothes for a five to six week trip in one carry-on.


French 3  - The class on March 6th has been cancelled.

Life Story Workshop  - This course has reached maximum enrollment and is unable to add new students. There is more information on the course's webpage.

Medical Series at the Elks Club  - The March 27th presentation on The Use And Abuse Of Medical Marijuana has been moved to Monday, March 25th and the speaker will be Brent Jeung M.D. of the UCI School of Medicine.

Musical Performances  - The  Small Ensemble Concert  on March 15th has been cancelled.

Spanish 2  - This course will meet in room 21 for the remainder of the semester.

Transitions in Retirement Essentials  - The topic for March 16th will be  Home Equity Conversion Mortgage – Reverse Mortgage.