Shakespeare Aloud Shakespeare

Alternate Thursdays • 10 a.m.-noon • Shapiro AB

September 20 • October 4, 18 • November 1, 15 • December 6

Is a lost handkerchief so important? How damaging is hearsay evidence? Treachery, villainy and jealousy dominate Shakespeare’s Othello, featuring one of the blackest villains of all time. We follow Othello with one of the best of the comedies, “As You Like It.” Everyone escapes into the forest and everyone, villains and all, are cleansed, reconciled and reborn. Othello is one of the great tragic heroes; in “As You Like It” we meet Rosalind, one of the great comic heroines. In the spring, we will explore Shakespeare’s version of the Tudors, Henry VIII, and a study on how power may not corrupt—but it certainly brings out the worst—in “Measure for Measure.” Inexpensive copies of each play will be available at class time. Leadership of the classes will rotate among participants.

Coordinators : Patrick Oswald and Sandra Wodicka