Auditing CSUF Classes as an OLLI Member

Auditing CSUF classes is one of the benefits of being an OLLI-CSUF member and it is a privilege that should NOT be abused. You are a guest in the class so be a good citizen and represent OLLI well by NOT dominating class discussions and be a gracious, appreciative guest.

Overview of process for auditing CSUF classes

  1. Use online CSUF course catalog to find courses of interest.
  2. Use online CSUF schedule of classes to find specific classes, their meeting times, and meeting location.
  3. Go to classes on the first day and be persistent (NOT insistent) by attending class for at least 3 weeks.
  4. Have instructor sign the auditing form and turn it into the OLLI office.
  5. Fill in an online form to obtain access to Titanium, the CSUF classroom management system


1. Using the online catalog of courses to find a course of interest.

  • Go to the campus home page: Opens in new window
  • In GATEWAYS window, select CURRENT STUDENTS and then click on University Catalog
  • OR go to this link for CATALOG SEARCH
  • Select a department from the list and search through the courses offered by a department of interest.
  • Identify the course number and title that is of interest.


2. Finding a specific class to audit in a specific semester.

  • Go to the campus home page:
  • In GATEWAYS window, select CURRENT STUDENTS and then click on Class Search
  • OR go to this link for CLASS SEARCH Opens in new window .
  • Select the TERM you want to audit and click on GO
  • If you know the course number, select the department and then “is exactly”, and enter the course # [otherwise, select “greater than or equal to” or “less than or equal to in the search window].
100-299 level courses are lower division, usually introductory courses
300-499 level courses are upper division, more advanced courses
500+ level courses are graduate courses
  • You can also open the Advance Search option to use other criteria for searching for a class, e.g., class taught by a specific instructor.
  • Unclick the “Show Open Classes Only” [students pre-register, so many courses will be closed or have a waiting list by the time you try to audit]
  • Click on Search, review your results
  • Be sure to obtain the following information for each class of interest.
COURSE # (e.g., ART 317A)
SECTION (SCHEDULE) # (e.g.,  02LAB(10299)
DAYS & TIME (e.g., 4:00PM - 9:45PM)
ROOM (e.g., VA 197--refer to campus map to find the building)
MEETING DATES (dates for the start and end of the term)

  • If you click on the course number, details of the course will appear, including how many students have signed up for the class, the numbers on wait lists, and a course description.


3. On the First Day of a Class Meeting:

  • Inform the instructor privately, that you would like to audit the class.
  • Oftentimes, the instructor will tell you that there is not enough room--don’t be discouraged, stay in class and return at the next meeting of the class.
  • Persist for 3 weeks, if possible. Students are able to drop classes up to the second week of the semester with no record of their enrollment.
  • Or, have an alternative class selected and go to the first meeting of your back up class.


4. When the instructor says you may audit the class:

  • Obtain a copy of the OLLI Permit to Audit form from the OLLI Office OR download a copy by clicking HERE PDF File and bring it to the next class meeting.
  • Fill in course info, including Schedule #.
  • Ask the instructor to sign your OLLI Permit to Audit form.
  • Submit the form to the OLLI office.


5.  Many classes may utilize Titanium, a course management system:

  • Instructors post handouts, communicate with students via Titanium, students turn in assignments or have online discussions in Titanium
  • You will need to fill in an online Titanium Access Request form to gain access:  [CLICK HERE TO ACCESS THE TITANIUM ACCESS REQUEST FORM Opens in new window ]
  • Obtain a CWID (Campus Wide ID) and PIN# from the OLLI office.
  • Use the information on the OLLI website ( under “Student Portal Account” to learn how to create a username and password to access the CSUF student portal.
  • Use the information on the OLLI website ( under “CSUF-OLLI WiFi Access” to learn how to access the campus wireless network.
  • Go to an OLLI computer open lab (on Fridays from 1 to 3 pm in room 20) or go to a WX1 workshop offered by the OLLI Computer Education Committee to learn how to access the student portal and campus wireless network.
  • Information on how to use Titanium can be found by logging in to the student portal and then clicking on the 'TITANium' tab.