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Phocus Photography Club


Designated Dates • 1:30 p.m.-3:30 p.m. • Room 21 September 19 • October 17 • November 14 • December 5

Pre-registration is NOT required.  

The Phocus Photography Club is a group of amateur photographers who meet to share photos and experiences. Club meetings may start with a guest speaker, who is often a professional photographer or a highly skilled amateur. Meetings end with members sharing images they’ve taken on a recent club outing or exotic photo trip. The club tries to have one local photography field trip per month. Attend the Phocus Photography Club to improve your
photographic skills. 

Contact: John Price, 562-237-2897 or snoprey@aol.com

Coordinators: John Price, Mary Crouch, Bob Caswell, Jim DiTota, Donna Judd and Rick Hearn