Sports equipmentSports Talk

Alternate Weeks • 1 p.m.-3 p.m. • Room 9/Zoom September 20 • October 4, 18 • November 1, 15 • December 6

Discussion of the world of sports is our game. In this course, we cover current events as well as other subjects of interest to sports fans. We are kind of like sports-talk radio but without the ranting and raving. Join us as we debate such topics as drug use in sports, famous athletes in the news, the latest trade talks of our local teams, performance of United States national teams, and any variety of other sports topics. In this course, we learn, debate and discuss, and reminisce, but above all, we have fun and share a great camaraderie that new members will embrace. So, feel free to join us in the fun!!

Coordinator: Carl Richards