Cooking Potpourri  


Alternate Wednesdays • 5 p.m.-6:30 p.m. • Zoom

January 19 • February 2, 16 • March 2, 16, (30 no class) • April 6

Intersession: April 20 • May 4, 18

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Do you want to learn cooking and kitchen basics? Do you want to improve your culinary skills? Would you like hints and tips on food preparation? Would you like to learn about different ingredients? Are you interested in ethnic cookery? If you answer yes to any of these questions, join us for this course. The rotating group of instructors will provide instruction on a wide range of food and cooking topics that will be interesting to home cooks regardless of skill level. This course will allow the home cook to feel more comfortable and confident in the kitchen. The classes are in a demonstration/lecture format with a healthy question and answer component. Join us in the kitchen! Watch the OLLI newsletters for information and recipes for upcoming classes.

Instructors: Zona Gray-Blair, MaryLouise Hlavac, Wei-Ling Louie and Jill Patterson

Coordinators: MaryLouise Hlavac and Zona Gray-Blair

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Spring Class Schedule

January 19 - Soups - Zona, Wei-ling, and MaryLouise

February 2 - Meatless Mondays - Jill and MaryLouise

February 16 - Unsung Vegetables - Wei-Ling, Zona, and MaryLouise

March 2 - Cooking Basics III: Beans and Legumes - MaryLouise

March 16 - Wei-Ling Cooks

April 6 - Cooking with Alternative Ingredients - Zona and Jill

April 20 - Pie Crusts and Pies - Alicia of Alicia's Cookery, Guest Chef

May 4 - Chicken Mole and Enchiladas - Guest Chef Ellie Monroe

May 18 - Packet Dinners - Cooking Potpourri Team