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Google Photos: Storing, Editing and Managing Your Photos


Three Tuesdays • 9:30 a.m.-11:30 a.m. • Room 20

October 5, 12, 19

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Prerequisites for Zoom meeting: A computer or tablet to view the Zoom lesson while manipulating your smartphone, and a Google account, preferably a Gmail account. Important: Please provide additional information about the technology equipment you will use and your need for the course in an online survey at   https://tinyurl.com/OLLIGGlePhtsSurvey . Additional instructions will be forthcoming once you register.

Running out of space on your smartphone or tablet for all your photos and videos? Google Photos, an app for your computer or mobile device, lets you store photo and video files and includes editing and organizing functions. Students completing this course should be able to: 1) Offload photos to a photo library in the cloud; 2) Organize photos into albums; 3) Share photos and albums with others via email or social media; 4) Edit photos using Snapseed’s sophisticated tools; 5) Scan documents with your device’s camera and PhotoScan; and 6) Use specific criteria to search for photos.

Instructors/Coordinators: Joyce Ono, Warren Wilson and Richard McCaman