Three Thursdays • 2:30 p.m.-3:45 p.m. • Auditorium/Stream

Bonnie Shirley J.D., M.A. Coordinator: TBD
Tech Coordinator:

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The Archaeology of Britain: From Stone to Gold
February 9
We will talk about the time from when Britain was part of the European continent, to the time of settlements, stone henges and gold and briefly about the Celts versus the Saxons.

The Archaeology of London
March 9
We will talk about the time from ancient wetland trackways to the invasion of the Romans, the burning of Rome and Romans on the Run.

The Vikings in Britain
April 13
We will discuss the establishment of Danelaw beginning with raids in the 8th century and continuing up to the last battle in 1066. The Vikings left behind their DNA, their gold, their buried ships and many words from their language that we still use today.