Designated Thursdays • Fall and spring • 2:30 p.m.-3:45 p.m. • Auditorium/Stream

February 8 • March 7 • April 11

Explore the latest discoveries and stories of the human past. Human origins will be the focus for fall. Previous semesters included Origins of Dogs, The Ancient Etruscans, Pakal, and The Archaeology of Britain. 

February 8 - Underwater archaeology: Freshwater:  examining freshwater lakes, ponds, rivers, cenotes, mines.  It will involve diving skills by archaeologists or hired divers, and special care in preserving artifacts.  Cenotes in Mexico have provided some remarkable finds. What is new in this field? 

March 7 - Aerial and Satellite archaeology:  Technology such as LIDAR has produced important new information on ancient cities; satellites, drones and airplanes often find indicators in soil where ancient people have left their mark.  Archaeologist work with other specialties to report on the newest finds. 

April 11 - Marine Archaeology: Ancient shipwrecks, cities now under water, lost cultures inundated by rising water; this is a specialist field, and new material if found every year.   

Instructor: Bonnie Shirley J.D., M.A.     Coordinator: Renee Cabrera   

Tech Coordinator: TBD