Tai Chitai chi



Tai Chi has a long and distinguished tradition in exercise programs, and it continues at OLLI-CSUF. Come and exercise under the guidance of instructor Diane Globerman. Start the week with Tai Chi for health and serenity.

Reminder: OLLI members are not permitted to park in the Arboretum parking lot while attending an OLLI class. Please park in Lot G to attend these classes. Continued parking in the Arboretum lot by OLLI members could result in the loss of access to this wonderful facility.

Textbook (optional): A suggested reference text on Tai Chi may be useful once you have learned the basic movements: “Beginning Tai Chi” by Tri Thong Dang, (ISBN-13: 978-0-804-82001-1)

Instructor: Diane Globerman     Coordinator: Fran Dobley