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This series will contribute to your “medical literacy” and is co-sponsored with OLLI by the physicians of St. Jude Medical Center and the physicians at UCI Health .

Coordinators: Joseph Lawton, M.D., Joyce Ono and Carol Thurk

Tech Coordinator: Bill Reilly

Topic, Date, Speaker


Interventional Cardiology: Latest Innovations in the Treatment of Structural Heart Disease

January 25

Speaker: Antonio Halais Frangieh, M.D.

Dr. Frangieh is the Medical Director of the Structural Heart Program at the UCI School of Medicine. Structural heart problems involve the heart’s valves, chambers and walls. Dr. Frangieh will take you through the anatomy of the heart, structural heart disease interventions, and provide an overview of current and future perspectives in the treatment of structural heart disease. Most treatments are performed as same day procedures.  Link to UCI Division of Cardiology

Comprehensive Approach to Maximizing Brain Fitness

February 8

Speaker: Brian D. Hitt, M.D.

Dr. Hitt is a board-certified UCI Health behavioral neurologist who specializes in the diagnosis and management of Alzheimer’s disease and other cognitive and memory disorders. He has conducted extensive research into the cellular and molecular mechanisms of Alzheimer’s and related neurodegenerative diseases. Have you ever wondered what scientifically proven methods are available to keep your mind sharp? Join Dr. Hitt as he discusses a comprehensive approach to brain fitness and keeping your mind sharp.

Respiratory Issues as We Age

February 22

Speaker: Mahmoud Moammar, M.D.

Dr.  Dr. Mahmoud Moammar joined Heritage Medical Group in 2022 and practices at Saint Joseph Hospital in Orange. Dr. Moammar will focus on various respiratory diseases that affect the senior population and the best means of management and/or prevention.

When is it Important to Seek Medical Attention for Skin Issues 

March 8

Speaker: Alden Holmes, M.D.

Zoom only

Dr. Alden Holmes is a graduate of the University of California, Riverside School of Medicine and completed his dermatology residency at Loma Linda University Medical Center. He will discuss five common skin conditions, how to differentiate these conditions from their clinical mimics, and provide an overview of treatment options and prophylactic measures.

Latest Results on The 90+ Study: What Allows People to Live to Age 90 and Beyond

March 22

Speaker: Claudia H. Kawas, M.D.

Dr. Claudia Kawas is a Co-Principal Investigator of “The 90+ Study.” This long-term study asks and answers the question, “What allows people to live to age 90 and beyond?” Dr. Kawas will review a summary of results and objectives of the study as well as discuss future projects in the works.

No Class

March 29


Genetic Screening for Family Members of Cancer Patients

April 12

Speaker: Deepika Nathan, Genetic Counselor

Deepika Nathan is an assistant professor in the Division of Genetic and Genomic Medicine, the Department of Pediatrics, UCI School of Medicine. She will provide information and discussion on the basics of genes and cancer genetics, provide answers on who is at risk for hereditary cancer and discuss genetic testing options for cancer.

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