Person lecturingLecturing

Lectures are one means for OLLI members to share their expertise; however, the collaboration may not end with the lecture.  Students often seek out the lecturer for career advice.

  • ENGINEERING and BUSINESS:  One OLLI collaborator had just completed his term as president of the CSUF Toastmasters club when he was invited to discuss presentation skills with students in a computer engineering class who were preparing their capstone project presentations.  He gave this presentation to four engineering classes and a business college class.  One of the students commented that this was the best lecture he’s heard all semester.
  • ENGINEERING:  Another OLLI lecture topic was "System Engineering Processes for Multi-Billion Dollar Projects."
  • ENGINEERING:  A holder of 16 U.S. patents shared "The Patent Process."
  • BUSINESS:  A retired Chief Compliance Officer in a large insurance company spoke on "Compliance with Government Regulations."
  • EDUCATION:  A former school principal presented her perspective on "Getting Your First Teaching Job."