ConsultingConsulting meeting

Consulting collaborations take on many forms and may be with university administrators, faculty, or students.  OLLI members are often called upon to lend their career expertise to educational situations.

  • EDUCATION:  OLLI members reviewed the resumes of teaching credential candidates.  One of the OLLI reviewers (a former school principal) was so impressed with one of the students that he called his old school district to tell them that she was an excellent candidate.
  • ENGINEERING: A former executive in bio-engineering is helping develop plans for a new bio-engineering department.
  • BUSINESS:  A former marketing director helped a graduate student develop a statistical analysis plan for a class in the Marketing Department.
  • NATURAL SCIENCES AND MATHEMATICS: OLLI members with science backgrounds served as judges at an exhibit of student science projects.
  • COMMUNICATIONS:  A former professor in the College of Communications advised tenured professors on how to reach full professorship.