great books

Great Books

Alternate Mondays • 10 a.m.-noon • Zoom

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January (17 no class), 31 • February 14, 28 • March 14, (28 no class) • April 4
Intersession: April 18

This course explores literature recommended by the Great Books Foundation. The group is made up of individuals who love to read and partake in lively discussions. Discussion leadership rotates among class participants. Join the discussion in finding deeper meaning behind the printed words. Our opening selection will be the complete book “Thinks …” by David Lodge (Penguin Edition (2002) preferred, ISBN 10: 0142000868 ISBN 13: 9780142000861. Amazon shows a Kindle version also). After that, students will continue reading selections from our wonderful anthology, “Double Features: Big Ideas in Film.” A free PDF of discussion questions is provided for all selections. The anthology may be purchased through The Great Books Foundation at 800-222-5870 or at; or as a Kindle version through Amazon.

Instructor: Judy Alter    Tech Coordinators: Suzi Attal and Gary Wolfe

Check out the video that we made for OLLI's Fall 2021 Open House.