Artsy: Museum Masterpieces: The Louvre

Alternate Tuesdays • 2:15 p.m.-3:45 p.m. • Auditorium&Zoom

January 24 • February 7, 21 • March 7, 21, (28 no class) • April 11

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The name “Louvre” is instantly recognizable as the most famous art museum in the world. It covers acres in the heart of Paris. This series of lectures introduces the greatest of universal museums, but its aim is not comprehensive. The focus is narrowed to just one curatorial department of the Louvre: the Department of Paintings, which is responsible for European paintings from the Middle Ages until the mid-19th century. These works of art can be called the single most important such collection in the world. Alone, they require at least a day of walking to survey adequately. The aim of these lectures is to both prepare new viewers for this visit and to be a study aid for those who have been before. Slide shows will aid the discussions after the videos. Let the fun begin!

Instructor: Judy Alter     Coordinator: Sue Batie    
Tech Coordinator: Susan Hanna

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