Art Exhibitions on Screen


Alternate Tuesdays • 2:30 p.m.-4:30 p.m. • Shapiro ABCD/Zoom

June 7, 21 • July 5, 19 • August 2

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Art Exhibitions are back again—with more great artists, great paintings and great guides! What could be a better way to learn? Come and join us on virtual visits to art exhibitions across the globe, this summer spanning works from the mid-1400s through the 20th Century. High quality films from the “Exhibition on Screen” series will be shown. These exhibition-based art films originally ran in select theaters around the world. Film content usually focuses on a single artist, at a single exhibition, with relevant background and supporting works added. Art historians and exhibit curators lead the way. Gentle attention is given to key works. Join in the open discussion after the film. Please check the OLLI newsletters for the specific film to be shown at each class.

Instructor: Judy Alter     Coordinator: Sue Batie 

Tech Coordinators: Susan Hanna and Rick Hearn


June 7, June, 2022: Cézanne: Portraits of a Life, notes

June 21, 2022: Michelangelo: Love and Death, the true story of a visionary master, notes PDF File

July 5, 2022: Frida Kahlo: The Definitive Film Exploring 6th Definitive Film Exploring the Life and Art of a Global Icon, notes  PDF File

July 19, 2022: Canaletto and the Art of Venice, notes PDF File

August 2, 2022: Degas – Passion for Perfection, notes PDF File