Eiffel Tower French Discussion


For the Fall 2023 semester, French Discussion is part of the French 3 class on alternate Wednesdays.

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One goal of this course is to provide an opportunity to practice conversational French by discussing short stories in French. The other goal is to refresh and increase acquaintance with diverse francophone authors and literary styles. Several days before each class session you will receive short texts in intermediate level French, together with vocabulary lists and questions about the content and the meaning of the texts. Reading the texts and studying the vocabulary before class is necessary so that you feel comfortable contributing to the discussions. Meeting on Zoom rather than in a classroom offers some important advantages for language learning: a) It allows us to bring the sounds and sights of the new culture into our own environment and b) It allows undisturbed participant-to-participant conversations in breakout rooms.

Instructor: Barbara Vigano    
Coordinators/Tech Coordinators: Sara Clark and Cindy Owens

Check out the presentation about our course that we made for the Fall 2022 Open House.