World War II - Weapons


Cancelled for Summer

Alternate Tuesdays • 2 p.m.-4 p.m. • Room 21

June 9, 23 • July 7, 21 • August 4

World War II was the dominant event of the 20th century. It—and its echoes—determined the borders and form of government of most countries in today’s world, and it continues as a powerful force to the present day. This course will present a DVD series on The Battle of the Atlantic. Questions and answers may encompass more than the DVD content.

The Violent Century / The World Goes to War
June 9

Blood and Mud / War of the Eagles
June 23

Battle Fleets and U-Boats / Aces High
July 7

War to End All Wars / Enter the Dictators
July 21

War Clouds Gather / Blitzkrieg
August 4

Instructor: Elwood Berry     Coordinator: Susan Berry