Special Lecture Series


Making Sense of a Painful Conflict:
One Land, Two Peoples, No Lasting Solution


Tuesday, November 7 • Noon - 1:30 • Mackey Auditorium

Since October 6 of this year, over 2,000 Palestinians and some 1,300 Israelis have died. Few conflicts have lasted as long or have been as complicated as the Israeli-Palestinian crisis. A focal point of global history, this conflict divides the world in precarious ways. As the warfare continues, countries across the globe are picking sides, possibly putting this conflict at the center of a third world war.

Many of us know part of this story, but few of us have studied it enough to understand its origin and path. People are dying. Responsible world citizens need to understand both sides and the consequences of a conflict that seems to have no end.

Presenter: Dr. Ben Hubbard, professor emeritus and past chair of the Department of Religious Studies at CSUF

Coordinator: Jeanette Reese