Great Decisions  

Colorful people encircling a globe

Alternate Fridays • 1:15 p.m.-3:15 p.m. • Room 21 & Zoom

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January 27 • February 10, 24 • March 10, 24, (31 no class) • April 14

We will use The Foreign Policy Association’s 2023 edition booklet and videos. Topics will include: Global Famine; Climate Migration; Energy Geopolitics: the oil & gas industries in flux; Economic Warfare: the power of sanctions; War Crimes: a history of crimes against humanity; Elections in Latin America: the rise of left governments; China’s Foreign Policy: the push for global dominance; Iran and the Gulf States. Each class begins with a video followed by a round table discussion. If you have an interest in U.S. foreign policy issues, please join our like-minded group. Differing views and opinions are encouraged. Outside reading can also help. Class members may also bring in additional reports and related study materials to share with the class. 

Coordinators/Tech Coordinators: Rich Eaton and Leland Akasaki