Gender, Sex, and Society (New)Gender, Sex and Society


Alternate Thursdays • 10 a.m.-noon • Auditorium

January 25 • February 8, 22 • March 7, 21 • April 11

In this course, we will cover LGBTQA+ vocabulary and history and explore and discuss current issues surrounding gender and sexuality. When most of us grew up, life was simple: You were a boy or a girl, and you would grow up to marry someone of the opposite sex. Anything that deviated from that was, well, deviant. Today, there is a whole new vocabulary, with flags and letters and flow charts, to describe the complexity of gender and relationship identities. What does it all mean? What makes us uncomfortable, what makes us curious or even hopeful and why? The course will combine videos and lectures with open discussion and plenty of time for questions and curiosity. 

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Instructor/Coordinator: Ginger Barnhart