American Civics 101:  A Crash Course!

Alternate Wednesdays • 10 a.m.-noon • Zoom

May 31 • June 14, 28 • July 12, 26

Just imagine if all of us now had to take a government civics test every year to remain U.S. citizens. Would you be able to pass? Could you identify the co-equal branches of government and what their functions and responsibilities are? Could you explain the electoral college or the U.S. Constitution and its Bill of Rights? Do you know your Congressional representatives? Can you explain the concept of “gerrymandering” or the National Debt? “American Civics 101” is a timely five-part discussion that provides a simple but comprehensive path to understanding what every person applying for U.S. citizenship today must know: that is, how our U.S. government actually works!

Instructor: Alan Perper
Tech Coordinators: Renee Cabrera and Ellie Monroe