We are all looking forward to attending classes in person starting September 7, 2021. Like most things we have experienced over these past months, several things will need to be modified in an attempt to keep everyone safe while you are at OLLI.

The following guidelines meet the current campus policies. As a member of the CSUF Community, we are all required to adhere to these safety measures.


  1. All instructors, members and visitors must be fully vaccinated by September 30, 2021 to attend class in person while on CSUF campus or locations. Fully vaccinated means at least two weeks have passed after the final dose in their vaccine regimen. All vaccination reports must be posted by September 30. There are no vaccination exemptions for OLLI members.

  2. Until at least December 31 face coverings/masks are required to be worn at all times when indoors and encouraged outdoors while on campus. Masks must be worn by both members and instructors/presenters. Masks will be available in convenient locations should you forget to bring one.

  3. No food or beverages may be consumed in classrooms at any time.

  4. Any member or instructor who does not comply with the CSUF COVID-19 Protocols, will be reported and fall under the recommended Actions for University Leaders’ “Enforcement of President’s Directive No. 22” and the “OLLI Ethical Environment Policy.” Violators should be reported to the Administrative  Manager Patsy Burns for counselling and/or discipline .

    • Continued failure to comply will result in a warning in writing.

    • An instructor may choose to take a class break, dismiss the class or continue the class virtually if the instructor or class coordinator believes the noncomplying member jeopardizes their safety or in-person class attendees.

    • If the Administrative Manager using University standards considers the member’s noncomplying behavior to be egregious or disruptive in nature, the member is subject to discipline including suspension or membership revocation.


  1. We are unable to continue having coffee available to our members while they are on campus.  Due to lack of consistent support for coffee making and clean-up, we will be closing the kitchen coffee makers down until further notice. You may purchase coffee at Starbucks (located in the Pollak Library), or the Community Market near to the Gastronome.

  2. If you wish to bring snacks or lunches, you may use the refrigerator in the kitchen to store them. Any items left in the refrigerator on Friday will be subject to being tossed out.

  3. Please use the tables provided in the patio area next to the kitchen or the courtyard where tables, chairs and umbrellas are provided.

  4. All members and visitors attending classes must sign in on the Attendance Logs provided at the entrances in each classroom.

OLLI OFFICE - Office hours 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

  1. Because of exceptional workload in resuming in-person classes and to prevent office overcrowding, the OLLI office shall operate under revised standards during the fall semester.

  2. Office personnel will not be available for member interaction until 8:30 a.m. Please do not knock on the door prior to 8:30 a.m.

  3. In order to keep our office personnel and our OLLI members safe, please form a line outside the office door and wait to be called in by one of the office staff. Please limit the number of non-office personnel in the office to two people at one time.

    We ask that you not socialize within the office at this time.

  4. If you are there to make copies, please come one-at-a-time to the copier and leave immediately once you have made your copies

  5. If you want to drop off a Copy Request, please leave it on the table near the copier. Please turn in requests at least three days in advance.


Other related information:


Here is a link to the OC Emergency Operations Center press release on March 19, 2020 anouncing that the Office on Aging will assist seniors with linkages to food and more to help prevent food insecurity.  You can call (800) 510-2020 for assistance.


Distance Learning Program (Online Classes)

Selected classes are videoed and archived on the OLLI website for members to stream online at their leisure. More than 100 videos are currently available to watch.       Click here for Distance Learning Videos


Here are the latest updates from CSUF and the Orange County Health Info websites.

Click here for the CSUF coronavirus information website.

Click here for the OC Health Info Covid 19 website.