Privacy and Security Online and on Facebook


Thursday, June 14, 2:15 P.M. to 4:15 P.M. Shapiro ABCD

One-session, 2 hour class, please pre-registration at: to receive advance information and class notes.

There is a lot to like about being online. Platforms like Facebook, Google, Instagram, Amazon and Apple help us connect with others and find great shopping deals. Using them cost us little or no money. In return for that we share information about our lives so those companies can make money, mostly through targeted advertising. While you have to give up some privacy and take some risk when online you can limit what these companies know about you.

By attending this one-session class you will learn how online companies collect information about you, how they use it to advertise and how you can limit what they know about you. This is a lecture, but feel free to bring your smartphone or tablet to follow along in class.

Instructor: Jim Cenname

Contact: Mobile: 949-317-6535