Computers and Mobile Devices Education

How to register for a computer or mobile devices class:

  1. Pick up a four-colored carbonless Computer Class Pre-registration form in the OLLI office and fill it in COMPLETELY.
  2. Ask the office to stamp the date and time on the form because, in many instances, first-come-first-served may be the basis for participation if a class is oversubscribed.
  3. Office staff will keep the top (white) copy of your completed date/time-stamped form.
  4. Take the remaining date/time-stamped copies of the form to the first class meeting and obtain a signature from the instructor. Instructors will work with you to determine if the class is appropriate for you.
  5. Take the instructor-signed forms to the OLLI office and make your payment. Be sure the OLLI office signs off that you have paid. They will keep the yellow copy of the form.
  6. Give the pink copy of the form to the instructor as a record that you have paid. The goldenrod copy is your receipt for payment.


The Computer Education Committee (CEC) invites your participation in enriching our current and future curricula, especially if you would like to share your expertise. Please attend our monthly meetings on the first Thursday of the month in Room 20.

Chair: Bob Newcomb     Vice-Chair: Warren Wilson