Medical Series at Morningside Community (Open to the Public)

Alternate Wednesday evenings • 7 p.m.-9 p.m. • Classes off campus at the Morningside Retirement Community, 800 Morningside Drive, Fullerton, CA 92835. 

A recent large study, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, proved that one of the most critical contributors to prolonging life is “medical literacy.” This indicates that populations with a poor understanding of their medical condition, its diagnosis and treatment, not only had a poorer quality of life but lived much shorter lives.

This series will contribute to your “medical literacy” and is co-sponsored along with OLLI by the Golden Hearts Group at St. Jude Medical Center and the Morningside Retirement Community.

Coordinators: Joseph Lawton, M.D. and Bill Lindstrom

Topic, Date, Speaker Description

Dealing with the Loss of a Loved One

September 20

Speaker : C. Ronald Koons, M.D.

Dr. Koons, a clinical professor of Radiation Oncology and Medical Ethics at UCI, will discuss the effects and methods of coping with and treating the sadness and depression that families experience at the loss of loved ones who have passed away. As a radiation cancer specialist, he is exposed to these losses frequently and with his background of ethical training he is very experienced in this area. With this expertise he is also able to teach young physicians the importance of understanding this very complex emotional process.

What is the Status of Statins?

October 4

Speaker : Daniel Landa, M.D.

Dr. Landa, an interventional cardiologist, will discuss the latest developments in the complicated subject of indications for the use of statins, the latest studies for their indications, which risk factors are used in determining their use, risks and benefits, age of onset and other subjects relative to their use.

Tremors in the Senior Population

October 18

Speaker : Nicolas Matias Phielipp, M.D.


Dr. Phielipp, assistant clinical professor of the Department of Neurology at UCI, will discuss the causes of, and latest diagnostic studies and treatments for, this complicated neurological problem. He will focus on Parkinson’s disease and Intention Tremors among other types of tremors affecting the senior population.

What’s New in the Field of Dementia

November 1

Speaker : Aimee Lucinda Pierce, M.D.


Dr. Pierce, the co-leader of the Alzheimer’s Research Center at the UCI Institute for Memory Impairment and Neurological Disorders, will address the latest developments in the causes, diagnostic procedures, prevention and treatment of Alzheimer’s disease, vascular dementias including stroke, and other processes that cause memory problems.

What’s New in the Field of Degenerative Arthritis

November 15

Speaker : Michelle Ngo, M.D.


Dr. Ngo, a rheumatologist with the St. Jude Heritage Medical Group, will discuss the causes, symptoms, treatment and prevention of this very common frequently debilitating process, particularly its effect on the lifestyle of the senior population. She will touch on physical therapy, anti-inflammatory medications and the latest indications for surgery.


The Eyes Have It

December 6

Speaker : Rajiv Rathod, M.D.

Dr. Rathod is an ophthalmologist with a retinal subspecialty. He will discuss the most common visual problems in older adults to include cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration and retinal problems. He will show us the latest technologies and interventions in the diagnosis and treatment of these problems and the remarkable results.