Medical Series at Morningside Community (Open to the Public)

Alternate Wednesday evenings • 7 p.m.-9 p.m. • Classes off campus at the Morningside Retirement Community, 800 Morningside Drive, Fullerton, CA 92835. 

A recent large study, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, proved that one of the most critical contributors to prolonging life is “medical literacy.” This indicates that populations with a poor understanding of their medical condition, its diagnosis and treatment, not only had a poorer quality of life but lived much shorter lives.

This series will contribute to your “medical literacy” and is co-sponsored along with OLLI by the Golden Hearts Group at St. Jude Medical Center and the Morningside Retirement Community.

Coordinators: Joseph Lawton, M.D. and Bill Lindstrom

Topic, Date, Speaker


The 90 Plus Study
January 24
Speaker : Maria Corrada, Sc.M., Sc.D.

Dr. Corrada, a UCI School of Medicine professor of neurology and epidemiology, will discuss the study of 700 people over the age of 90 in a retirement community who volunteered to be tested and followed for 10 years relative to their health. The results are very interesting, somewhat surprising and might be very helpful to us as we look forward in our life.

Advanced Recovery Rehabilitation Services
February 7
Speaker : Fred Nowroozi, M.D.

Dr. Nowroozi, a Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Specialist and Director of the St Jude Rehabilitation Center and Hospital Rehabilitation Department, will discuss the latest recovery techniques in the treatment of various types of injuries, surgeries, stroke and other neurological issues. The St. Jude Rehabilitation Center was the first rehabilitation
center in Orange County.

Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) and Its Relationship to Esophageal Cancer
February 21
Speaker : Shaun Daly, M.D.

Dr. Daly, a professor of gastrointestinal surgery at UCI School of Medicine, will discuss the causes, symptoms and resultant damage done to the esophagus by GERD, the medical and surgical treatment and the benefits of early intervention. This discussion will include conditions like hiatal hernia, obesity, hyperacidity, smoking and dietary habits.

Use of Technology to Improve Communication with Your Physicians
March 7
Speaker : Paulynne Liang, M.D.

Dr. Liang, an internal medicine specialist with St. Jude Heritage Medical Group, will discuss the use of the internet to improve your medical knowledge and the use of technology to communicate with your physician and obtain information regarding physician reports, x-rays, lab results etc.

Battlefield Orthopedic Surgery
March 21
Speaker : Donald Bittner, M.D.


Dr. Bittner, an orthopedic surgeon at St. Jude Medical Center and Associate Professor of orthopedic surgery at UCI School of Medicine, is an officer in the Navy Reserve who spent eight months on the front lines of Afghanistan and one year as the CEO of a combat hospital in Germany. In the fall semester he spoke at the Elks Club about his experiences,
and the attendees were inspired and mesmerized by his knowledge and enthusiasm for this subject. Don’t miss this rare experience.

Diagnosis and Treatment of Skin Cancer
April 11
Speaker: Karen Simpson, M.D.

Dr. Simpson, an Orange County dermatologist, will discuss the causes of different types of skin cancer and the various diagnostic techniques and surgical treatments for the different cell types of skin cancer.