Medical Series at the Elks Club (Open to the Public)

Alternate Wednesdays • 9 a.m.-10:30 a.m. • Classes off campus at the Fullerton Elks Club Lodge, 1400 Elks View Lane, Fullerton (near the corner of Brea Blvd. and Harbor Blvd.—enter from Brea Blvd.)

A recent large study, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, proved that one of the most critical contributors to prolonging life is “medical literacy.” This indicates that populations with a poor understanding of their medical condition, its diagnosis and treatment, not only had a poorer quality of life but lived much shorter lives. This series is co-sponsored along with OLLI by the Golden Hearts Group at St. Jude Medical Center and the Fullerton Elks Club.

Coordinators: Joseph Lawton, M.D. and Bob Knepper

Topic, Date, Speaker Description

Osteoporosis—A Silent Disease

January 18

Speaker: Michael Fabricant, M.D.

Dr. Fabricant, an Orange County rheumatologist on the staff of St. Jude Medical Center, will discuss the causes, treatments and diagnosis of this very important problem for senior women and men. It is one of the most common causes of disability when untreated and undiagnosed and there are new guidelines regarding screening for this problem.

Dental Implants

February 1

Speaker: David S. Levitt, D.D.S.

Dr. Levitt, a prior instructor at the USC School of Dentistry and guest lecturer at multiple medical schools and at the International Congress on Implants and Biomaterials in Paris, France, will discuss the indications and techniques involved in dental implants.

 New Guidelines for Cancer Screening

February 15

Speaker: Bradley Borsari, M.D.

Dr. Borsari, a St. Jude Heritage internal medical specialist, will discuss the latest screening guidelines for various types of cancer. These guidelines have recently changed and knowledge of these standards is critical. Screening guidelines for cancer of the breast, colon, lung, skin and cervix among others will be defined.

Advances in Diagnostic Radiology

March 1

Speakers: Physicians of St. Jude Radiology Dept.

The St. Jude Radiology Department physicians will describe the most advanced technology in the evolution of diagnostic radiology including PET, CT, MRI, mammography and angiography, all of which have aided in improved outcomes for cancer screening and diagnosis of other serious medical problems.

Fatigue—What’s Important and What Isn’t

March 15

Speaker: Nicole Garcia, M.D.

Dr. Garcia is a family physician with a special interest in diagnosing and treating chronic fatigue caused by hormones, anemia, autoimmune processes, infection and others. She will discuss important diagnostic procedures and treatment of this very common problem, particularly in the senior population.

Aggressive Diagnosis and Treatment of Strokes

April 5

Speaker: Hamed Farid, M.D.

Dr. Farid, an interventional neuroradiologist at St. Jude Medical Center, will discuss the retrieval of clots from the brain which can prevent the most debilitating results of a stroke. The Stroke Center at St. Jude has one of the most advanced programs in the state of California.