Medical Series at the Elks Club (Open to the Public)

Alternate Wednesdays • 9 a.m.-10:30 a.m. • Classes off campus at the Fullerton Elks Club Lodge, 1400 Elks View Lane, Fullerton (near the corner of Brea Blvd. and Harbor Blvd.—enter from Brea Blvd.).

A recent large study, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, proved that one of the most critical contributors to prolonging life is “medical literacy.” This indicates that populations with a poor understanding of their medical condition, its diagnosis and treatment, not only had a poorer quality of life but lived much shorter lives.

This series will contribute to your “medical literacy” and is co-sponsored along with OLLI by the Golden Hearts Group at St. Jude Medical Center and the Fullerton Elks Club.

Coordinators : Joseph Lawton, M.D. and Bob Knepper

Topic, Date, Speaker Description

Joint Replacement

September 13

Speaker : Joseph Mayo, M.D.

Dr. Mayo, an orthopedic surgeon and a member of the St. Jude Heritage Medical group, will discuss the latest changes in the area of joint replacement surgery, focusing on knee and hip replacement. These new surgical techniques have improved the safety and outcome of surgery and decreased the hospital length of stay dramatically.

Breast Cancer Surgery

September 27

Speaker : Erin Lin, D.O.

Dr. Lin is a clinical professor of Breast Surgery at UCI and the clinical leader of the UCI Medical Center Breast Care Center. He will discuss the latest indications for biopsy, types of biopsy, the latest surgical techniques and indications for the surgical treatment of breast cancer, as well as how surgery fits with the other modalities of treatment, i.e., chemotherapy and radiation.

Battlefield Orthopedic Surgery

October 11

Speaker : Donald Bittner, M.D.

Dr. Bittner is an orthopedic surgeon at St. Jude Medical Center and specializes in hand and wrist surgery. He spent several years as a captain in the U.S. Navy Reserve and the last year operating in battlefield hospitals in Afghanistan. For his exceptional service, he was recently awarded the Legion of Merit Medal by the U.S. Navy. He will discuss his experiences as a commander of 13 detachments on the front lines of a combat zone.

Cardiac Rhythm Disturbances

October 25

Speaker : John Zamarra, M.D.

Dr. Zamarra, an Orange County cardiologist, will discuss the latest developments in the diagnosis, treatment and risks involved in the most common cardiac rhythm abnormalities, including Afib, intermittent atrial tachycardia, and complete heart block.  He will also discuss the latest monitoring techniques, pharmaceuticals and surgical treatments including pacemakers, defibrillators, ablation techniques and others.

Lower Gastrointestinal Problems

November 8

Speaker : Martin Carr, M.D.

Dr. Carr, a gastroenterology specialist in Orange County, will discuss the latest advances in diagnostics, screening and treatments for the many common GI problems of the lower bowel, including GI bleeding, irritable bowel syndrome, diverticulitis, Crohn’s disease and cancer.

Prostate Cancer

November 29

Speaker : Ramy Yaacoub, M.D.

Dr. Yaacoub, a Clinical Professor of Urological Surgery at the UCI School of Medicine, will discuss the latest changes in the diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer, focusing on new indications for surgery, watchful observation, PSA testing and the newest surgical techniques and how surgery relates to other forms of therapy including hormone, chemo and radiation therapies.