Medical Series at the Elks Club (Open to the Public)



Alternate Wednesdays • 9 a.m.-10:30 a.m. • Classes off campus at the Fullerton Elks Club Lodge, 1400 Elks View Lane, Fullerton (near the corner of Brea Blvd. and Harbor Blvd.—enter from Brea Blvd.). See map.

This series will contribute to your “medical literacy” and is co-sponsored with OLLI by the physicians of St. Jude Medical Center and the Fullerton Elks Club.

Coordinators: Joseph Lawton, M.D. and Carol Thurk

Topic, Date, Speaker


Genetics in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Cancers

September 11

Speaker: Rebecca Haskins, Genetic Counselor at St. Jude Medical Center

Rebecca Haskins is responsible for defining the genetic risks for families with a strong history of cancer and how that relates to specific individualized treatments for patients with existing cancer. This subject has become one of the most important advances in cancer diagnosis and treatment in the last five years and relates strongly to the senior population and their families.

Why Do I Get Old?

September 25

Speaker: Bruce Mutter, M.D.

Dr. Mutter is a board certified family physician specializing in gerontology, and the medical director of Morningside Retirement Community with a special interest in the aging process. He will discuss the various factors influencing the aging process and how to alter the rapid progression of aging.

The Opioid Crisis

October 9

Speaker: Melissa Durham, Pharm.D., MACM, APh, BCACP

Dr. Durham, Professor of Pharmacy at the USC School of Pharmacy, is an expert in pain management and the opioid crisis. She will discuss the latest changes in the law and the professional practices of physicians and pharmacists in their efforts to combat the abuse of these popular pain medications.

Interventional Cardiology

October 23

Speaker: Ameesh Parikh, M.D.


Dr. Parikh, an interventional cardiologist on the staff of the St. Jude Medical Center and St. Joseph Medical Center, will discuss the latest developments in the diagnosis and non-surgical interventions for the treatment of coronary heart disease, valve replacement, treatment of rhythm disturbances and congestive heart failure.

Weight Control and Its Medical Implications 

November 6

Speaker:   Susan Watkins, RD CDE (Registered Dietician-Certified Diabetes Educator)

Susan Watkins will discuss the medical implications of maintaining a healthy body weight and methods for attaining an appropriate weight. Type two diabetes is becoming an increasingly major problem because of its direct association with the increasing incidencs of obesity, particularly in the senior population. As many as 40% of Americans are thought to overweight or obese.

Immunotherapy in the Treatment of Cancer

November 20

Speaker: David Park, M.D.

Dr. Park is an oncologist on the staff of the St. Jude Oncology Center, which is a leader in Orange County and is affiliated with the USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center. Immunotherapy has evolved as one of the leading additions in oncology. Dr. Park, a leader in this area, will discuss how certain medications can stimulate the immune system to destroy cancer cells, and which types of cancer are best treated with this new treatment.

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