Game of Rook

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Alternate Tuesdays • 2 p.m.-3:30 p.m. • Shapiro CD

September 19*• October 3, 17, 31 • November 14, • December 5, *December 19, (26 break) • January 9

This course is for those interested in a friendly non-competitive atmosphere where learning to bid and take tricks for points in which four players (set of two partners) play for maximum points to reach 300 to win the game. Rook is not a difficult game to learn and play. In this game you will learn the strategy of bidding and to increase your focus and memory. Rook has some similarities to bridge, but some may find it is more to their liking. We will start with easy game-playing rules and as you gain greater skills, we will move to a more challenging level as you become a better player.

*This class has been cancelled.

Instructor/Coordinator : Steve Grossman