Around the World in 90 Minutes Around the World

Alternate Thursdays • 2:15 p.m.-3:45 p.m. • Mackey Auditorium

Coordinators : Janice Jeng and Pete Lech

A Cruise Around Hokkaido, Japan and Going Home

September 21

Speaker : Bob Newcomb and Joanne Syrja

Bob Newcomb’s return to Japan for the first time since he lived there as a boy was an experience of the familiar and the strange. Bob and Joanne Syrja combined a visit to Kyoto and Kobe with a cruise from Kobe around Hokkaido and a stop in Korsakov, Russia. Can you go home? Join us and find out.

Touring Ireland

October 5

Speaker : Jack Wheatley

Come enjoy Jack Wheatley’s tale of five days in Dublin, five in Killarney & five in Galway. We’ll do lots of pubbing, listening to music, talking with the locals, checking out the Guinness, and sightseeing. We’ll tour the rings of Kerry and Dingle, the Cliffs of Moher, the historical sights in Belfast, the lovely countryside, etc. etc. We’ll travel by train between the cities and do day tours with a local driver. (They drive on the wrong side of the road over there.)

Past Trips to Spain—A Photo Journey

October 19

Speaker : Dick Clement

The photos for this presentation were all taken between 1958 and 1960 when Dick was in the Air Force and the U.S. had bases in Spain. He made subsequent trips back in 1966.

Guatemalan Highlands

November 2

Speaker : Leslie Dinkel

Leslie Baer Dinkel, Director of Local Hope, will guide us through the Guatemalan Highlands, give us a bit of the country’s background, introduce us to Mayan culture, and take us through some of the country’s most beautiful and interesting places. Leslie will also tell us about the service trips and volunteer opportunities, for all ages, that Local Hope sponsors in this area.

Five Week Driving Tour of the Great Homes in England

November 16

Speaker : Martha Jansan

In the fall of 2016, Martha and her husband rented a car to visit 30-plus country homes and castles in the southern part of England. The trip was planned around tickets to “Downton Abbey”— Highclere Castle and the villages where they filmed. It also included Buckingham Palace, Princess Diana’s Althorp Estate and a final week in a cottage on the grounds of Leeds Castle. They rented Airbnb accommodations that included rooms in private homes to small cottages in five cities. Their guidebook was from “National Trust,” which they joined prior to leaving. It included parking and admission fees to the majority of the homes visited. To read more about this trip visit Martha’s blog at .

Ten Days in Cuba

December 7

Speaker : Keni Cox

As of May 2017, the Embargo remained, but travel limitations for Americans had lifted significantly since January 2016, when Keni Cox and 15 companions traveled from LAX via Panama to Havana on Copa Airlines. They encountered a country in transition. A UCC/DOC* Global Mission-sponsored people-to-people excursion, this trip lacked the trappings of typical tourism, and not entirely by choice. Keni will share the highlights of the adventure which included dormitory-style sleeping, traveling aboard a vintage Mercedes bus, paint purchased on the “black market,” and teaming up with locals to refurbish a church/community center in Cotorro, a barrio 45 minutes from Havana. All of this juxtapositioned with a visit to the DuPont Mansion, dining in Old Havana, and a beach respite in Varadero.  

*United Church of Christ/Disciples of Christ