Science for You: This is Your Brain on Technology
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Every Thursday • 12:30 p.m.-2 p.m. • [Zoom]

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January 14, 21, 28 • February 4, 11, 18, 25 • March 4, 11, 18, 25 • April (1 no class), 8  

In these Great Courses lectures, “How Digital Technology Shapes Us,” Professor Indre Viskontas explores the many ways that we are shaped by the technology we use. Is our attention span dwindling? Is reading on a screen different from a physical book? Are facts at our fingertips better than remembering? Do automated media recommendations limit our exploration of varied viewpoints that may not just confirm what we’ve already seen and heard? Are family relationships affected when we spend more time looking at screens instead of talking and listening to each other? Do violent video games affect our behavior? Is all this technology affecting our sleep? Is technology changing society’s behavior when we sell our data to large tech companies by using “free” social media apps? Will emerging technologies like blockchain or self-driving cars change the meaning of being human in the digital age? Each week we will show two 30-minute lectures with time for questions and comments after each. 

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Instructors/Coordinators: Rick Hearn and Susan Hanna

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