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Registration Procedures for Computer and Mobile Device Classes    

Cross-Platform Computer Classes (Mac and Windows)

Free Open Labs

Google Apps Workshops

The Computer Education Committee will host one- or two-day workshops exploring certain Google applications to make our lives easier. These apps are FREE and you’ll soon be able to work on documents with automatic backup, unlimited storage, great sharing capabilities, and menus that are easy to learn. All your files will be accessible to you and your friends and relatives, anybody you choose, anywhere, anytime, and with any device that lets you connect to the internet.

Note: You’ll have to watch tutorials online ahead of time, to figure out what the apps do, BEFORE attending the class. Classroom time will deal with problems you’re having and issues that you’re confused about. You must pre-register at the OLLI office, show your Gmail address on the registration form, and use your Gmail account to send an email at least a week before the workshop begins so you can access the tutorials and have time to work on them before the class meets.

Macintosh Classes

Mobile Devices Classes