Phocus Photography Club

Alternate Tuesdays • 2:00 p.m.-4:00 p.m. • Shapiro CD

A Bench in The Park

September 12, 26 • October 10, 24 • November 7, (21 no class), 28

The Phocus Club is a group of amateur photographers that meets to share photos, experiences and skills so we may be better photographers. You can expect to learn how to make an image that is successful in Judged Photo Competition such as S4C’s monthly competition and OLLI’s Annual Photo Contest. Meetings include a guest speaker, often a professional photographer. Members frequently go on field trips together to experience a common photo theme opportunity. Photos from that trip are shared with the club at the next meeting. Field trips are not official OLLI sponsored events. Members coming to the first meeting are invited to share five of their favorite photos. New attendees should email their photographs (a .JPG file) to in advance so the images may be displayed at the meeting.

Coordinators : Jim Cenname, Don Lake, Donna Judd and Bob Caswell