CLECAT Club—No Questions Left Unanswered cat with laptop computer


Alternate Tuesdays • Noon-1:30 p.m. • Room 21

January 22 • February 5, 19* • March 5, 19 • April 9

Note *: February 19 class will be held in Pine 111

CLECAT is OLLI’s longest-running club. CAT stands for Computers and Technology, and CLE—Continuing Learning Experience—was the former name of OLLI.This club is open to all OLLI-CSUF members and provides opportunities to enrich technology skills, have questions answered and share knowledge with like-minded people. The focus is on a wide range of technology—computers, digital cameras, multimedia, online messaging, cell phones, MP3 players—anything with a chip.

Coordinator : Computer Education Committee (CEC)


Class Notes

Click here for notes for 10/2/18 "Traveling with your iPhone" by Bob Newcomb PDF File