Beginning Computer Use Tutorials—BX10 (PC or MAC)

One or more one-hour meetings as needed, dates and times to be arrangedcomputer tutorial

Prerequisite : Novice computer user 

Pre-registration required—Lab Fee: $5 per meeting

This one-on-one tutorial program is the only OLLI course for novice computer users. The goal is to provide participants with the skills needed to use the mouse effectively and to create, handle, copy, move and organize files. It will be tailored for the specific needs of a novice computer user, so you will feel confident to pursue the use of computer technology to enhance your life.

Important: In addition to the four-part registration form, you must complete a separate tutorial program survey form and leave it in the OLLI office or complete an online form at from this survey will facilitate matching a tutor to your needs. We will then try to pair you with an appropriate tutor and you will be contacted to arrange a meeting schedule.

Instructors : CEC Members     Coordinator : Dan Coby