Transitions in Retirement Essentials (Open to the Public)

Figure on beach at sunset, "retirement" carved in the sand Every Saturday • 9:30 a.m.-noon • Shapiro ABCD 

This engaging, fun, life-changing program will teach us to appreciate what matters most to us, our dreams, our goals, and how to enjoy the exciting times ahead. If we develop a few goals and plans for these years, this transition into retirement will be smoother and much more fulfilling. This series of classes will provide some structure and professional aid in planning for this exciting future.

Coordinators:  Kathy Collier, Kathryn Cozza,  Jim Kashiwada, Mickey La Casa, Dr. Joseph Lawton, Russell MacKeand, Ellie Monroe, Jim Monroe, Joyce Ono, Arie Passchier and Mike Stover



Retirement Mini-Series Part 1— Appears Younger Than Stated Age

September 15

Speaker: James Hardeman, M.D.,
St. Jude Medical Center

Dr. Hardeman, an experienced pulmonologist and intensive care specialist, is also the author of the book “Appears Younger Than Stated Age.” He has an intense interest in maintaining good health. He will discuss methods of maintaining good health during the aging process including diet, exercise and mental health before developing preventable medical problems.

Coordinators:  Russ MacKeand - Jim Kashiwada - Mickey La Casa

Retirement Mini-Series Part 2— Improv for Your Health

September 22

Speaker: Nanciann Horvath, Nurse, Actress, Comic, Owner of Improv for Health

Nanciann Horvath has been an interactive speaker for about five years now. She speaks on the topic of staying healthy using positive brain stimulation through improvisation. Improv can help develop our senses—like any muscle—to help us think fast in any situation, adapt to the many changes that come our way and live fuller lives by enjoying our moments. There are proven benefits of improvisation to boost your creativity and connect confidently with others. You will learn some and see the fun too after this class! You don’t want to miss this one!

Coordinators: Ellie Monroe - Jim Monroe - Mickey La Casa - Russ MacKeand

Retirement Mini-Series Part 3— Retirement Income 101

September 29

Speaker: John Pak, Certified Financial Planner, Otium Advisory Group

How often do you receive advice on ways to grow your money? Frequently! How often do you receive advice on how to wisely use your nest egg to ensure it lasts throughout retirement? Rarely! Accumulating your wealth is only one phase of your financial life cycle. This class will introduce the other two phases that are usually ignored: Preservation and Distribution of income. By the end of the presentation, attendees should be able to answer the following questions: Will I have sufficient income in retirement to live comfortably for the rest of my life? How can I identify reliable retirement income sources?

Coordinators:  Russ MacKeand - Mickey La Casa - Jim Kashiwada

Caregiving Includes Caring for Me

October 6

Speakers: Suzanne Engelder, M.S.W., Director of Education and Program Development, Providence St.
Joseph Health, Institute for Human Caring and Stephanie Pizzola, M.S.G., Family Consultant, Family Caregiver Resource Center

In 2015, 40 million caregivers in the United States provided unpaid care to older relatives and friends. It is anticipated that this number will continue to grow as the Baby Boomer generation ages and requires more care and assistance at home. Research indicates that more of us are joining the Sandwich Generation of caregivers—those caring for aging family members, their own children or grandchildren. There are a moderate number of physical and psychological issues associated with this care. This class will provide education on how to plan for family caregiving, including wellness strategies for the family caregiver and information on resources available to support you and your family.

Click here for the presentation: Journey of Caregiving . PDF File

Click here for the presentation: Sandwich Generation Caregiving . PDF File

Coordinators:  Joyce Ono - Arie Passchier - Dr Joseph Lawton - Kathy Collier

Social Security Essentials

October 13

Speaker: Jeffrey Rodriquez, Public Affairs Specialist, Social Security Administration

Don’t miss this opportunity to have your Social Security questions answered. People associate Social Security only with retirement benefits, but Social Security is much more ... it is medical, disability and life insurance. Topics will include: when is the best time to start retirement benefits, how benefits are calculated, when to start Medicare, payments to beneficiaries and more Social Security life-impacting issues.

Coordinators:   Mike Stover - Arie Passchier

Medicare Essentials: What You Need to Know When You Sign Up for Benefits

October 20

Speaker: Gene Campbell, HICAP Counselor and Community Educator, Council on Aging-Southern California,
Health Insurance Counseling and Advocacy Program (HICAP)

Confused about Medicare? Want some good advice from state-registered, unbiased experts who are not in the business of selling, recommending, or endorsing any products? This class is designed for those soon to be eligible for Medicare or those planning to make changes during the annual October 15 through December 7 election period. The topics to be covered are Basic Medicare Benefits, Medicare A-B-C-D, Medicare Supplemental, Medicare Advantage plans, and Prescription Drugs Plans.

Click here for the HICAP Roadmap to Medicare presentation. PDF File

Coordinators:  Kathy Collier - Kathryn Cozza - Jerry Hunter

Google Photos: How to Take, Edit, Store and Share Photos Safely (Mackey Auditorium)
October 27
Speaker: Jim Cenname, OLLI Computer Education Instructor

Google Photos is a great place to keep your photos, from basic storage to editing and sharing. Learn how this tool can work with your phone, computer, camera and social media. Additionally, security and online safety should be considered when using services such as Google Photos. You will learn some precautions to take when using Google Photos and other free online services.

Coordinators:  Jim Monroe - Joanne Hardy -  David Hardy -  Russ MacKeand

Non-Surgical Cosmetic Enhancement

November 3

Speaker: Dr. Kristen Aguirre
Board Certified Dermatologist

Dr. Aguirre is an experienced dermatologist with a practice in Fullerton, achieving cosmetic improvements without the need of surgical intervention. The methods used include laser treatments, injections, medications, topicals and other interventions. She specializes in preventing and treating skin abnormalities with a focus on the senior population.

Coordinators: Joyce Ono - Arie Passchier - Kathryn Cozza - Dr Joseph Lawton

Around the World, Travel while Learning

10 a.m. - noon, November 10

Speakers: Mary Lou Langedyke and Liz Taylor, Ambassadors, Road Scholar

The opportunity to travel during your retirement years is one of the rewards we can pursue. Make the world your classroom. Come learn about travel programs and destinations that provide learning adventures for adults across the globe. Go where others can’t, learn from inspiring instructors, and make lifelong friends through Road Scholar. PDF File

Coordinators:  Kathryn Cozza - Kathy Collier - Joyce Keitel -    Russ MacKeand

Estate Planning _ Probate and How to Avoid It

November 17

Speaker: Jay D. Fullman, Estate Attorney, Jay D. Fullman A Professional Corporation

If you do not have a will or estate plan, the state has one for you. Warning: You may not like what the state has planned. In this class we will discuss the pros and cons of probate, and the options available to avoid probate. Revocable living trusts are often used to avoid probate and conservatorships cost-effectively. Trusts and other options will be presented.

Coordinators:  Russ MacKeand - Janice Morel - Mickey La Casa 

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November 24


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