Transitions in Retirement Essentials (Open to the Public)

"Celebrating Our 10th Anniversary"

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Every Saturday • 9:30 a.m.-noon • Shapiro ABCD

Coordinators:  Kathy Collier, Kathryn Cozza, David Hardy, Joanne Hardy, Jim Kashiwada, Joseph Lawton, M.D., Russell MacKeand, Ellie Monroe, Jim Monroe, Joyce Ono, Arie Passchier and Mike Stover.

 This engaging, fun, life changing program will teach us to appreciate what matters most to ourselves, our dreams, our goals and how to enjoy the exciting times ahead. If we develop a few goals and plans for these years, this transition into retirement will be smoother and much more fulfilling. This series of classes will provide some structure and professional aid in planning for this exciting future.



Retirement Mini-Series (Part 1)—Maintaining Good Health  in Retirement

September 16 

Speaker : Ynolde Smith, D.O., Family Practice, St. Jude Heritage Medical Group 

Dr. Ynolde Smith, Family Practice Board Certified, will present the latest methods of maintaining good health to include communications with physicians, diet, exercise and medications. These methods address the diagnosis and prevention of the main health problems of the senior population including heart disease, cancer screening and prevention, stroke and others.  


Retirement Mini-Series (Part 2)—How to Build a Better Brain

September 23

Speaker : Dr. Barbara Cherry, Professor, CSUF Department of Psychology  

Professor Barbara Cherry, Ph.D., who has presented at OLLI several times at Retirement Bootcamps and TiR Essentials, will present this new topic. Recent research across a variety of species shows that we can build new brain cells regardless of age. So what activities can be incorporated into your lifestyle to help you build this better brain? This session will focus on research and strategies for engaging in meaningful activities, physical activity, cognitive activity and positive affect to increase your cognitive health during retirement.

Retirement Mini-Series (Part 3)—Financial Strategies in Retirement 

September 30 

Speaker : Gary Bowman, Certified Financial Planner, President, Bowman Financial Services

This informative session will present investment principles to help you manage your portfolio throughout retirement. Topics to be discussed include investing in bonds, Exchange Traded Funds, stocks and alternative investments. We will discuss the pros and cons of these various investments to help you make better decisions about your money. Current market conditions and our outlook for 2018 will also be presented.

Topic to be announced in the OLLI Events Open to the Public newsletter

October 7 

Speakers : To be announced in the OLLI Events Open to the Public newsletter. Information may also be included on the CSUF calendar if time permits.


Topic to be announced in the OLLI Events Open to the Public newsletter

 October 14 

Speakers : To be announced in the OLLI Events Open to the Public newsletter. Information may also be included on the CSUF calendar if time permits.



Medicare Essentials: What You Need to Know When You Sign Up for Benefits

October 21    

Speaker : Gene Campbell, HICAP Counselor and Community Educator, Council on Aging-Southern California, Health Insurance Counseling and Advocacy Program (HICAP)

Confused about Medicare? Want some good advice from state-registered, unbiased experts who are not in the business of selling, recommending or endorsing any products? This class is designed for those soon to be eligible for Medicare or those planning to make changes during the annual October 15 through December 7 election period. The topics to be covered are Basic Medicare Benefits, Medicare A-B-C-D, Medicare Supplemental, Medicare Advantage Plans and Prescription Drug Plans.  


Advances in Robotic-Assisted Surgery

October 28       

Speaker : Scott Hughes, D.O., St. Jude Medical Center

Dr. Hughes, an urologist with extensive experience in minimally-invasive surgery, will present the latest techniques in robotic-assisted surgery.

Social Security Essentials

November 4

Speaker : Jeffrey Rodriguez, Public Affairs Specialist, Social Security Administration

Don’t miss this opportunity to have your Social Security questions answered. This informative and entertaining session is led by Jeffrey Rodriguez, Social Security Administration Public Affairs Specialist. People associate Social Security only with retirement benefits, but Social Security is much more ... it’s medical, disability and life insurance. Topics that will be discussed include “when is the best time to start retirement benefits,” how benefits are calculated, when to start Medicare, payments to beneficiaries, and more Social Security life-impacting issues. 

 Around the World, Travel While Learning

November 11 (10 a.m.-noon)

Speakers : Mary Lou Langedyke and Liz Taylor, Ambassadors, Road Scholar 

The opportunity to travel during your retirement years is one of the rewards we can pursue. Make the world your classroom. Come learn about travel programs and destinations that provide learning adventures for adults across the globe. Go where others can’t, learn from inspiring instructors, and make lifelong friends through Road Scholar. 

 Facebook, YouTube and Instagram Basics

November 18 

Speaker : Jim Cenname, OLLI Computer Education Instructor 

Social media helps you stay in touch with family and friends, near and far. You share experiences, photos or a short update on what’s happening in life. This class assumes you are a novice and want to learn about Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. It will cover setting up an account, privacy, friending and following, posting updates and uploading photos. You may want to bring your smartphone, tablet or notebook computer.  

  Thanksgiving Break - No class 

November 25


 No Class Scheduled

December 2