Procedures For Submitting A New Class or Activity for OLLI-CSUF

If you would like to propose a new class or activity for OLLI-CSUF you must complete the following steps:

1.  Complete the OLLI-CSUF Course/Activity Proposal Form and turn it in to the OLLI-CSUF office for consideration by the Curriculum Committee.  Please note the following:

  • No honoraria will be paid to lecturers or performing artists.
  • New course proposals must be submitted or championed by an OLLI member.
  • No class or activity may begin without receiving prior written approval from the Curriculum Committee.
  • Classes or activities to be listed in the Blue Book must be submitted 10 months prior to their start.  (Work on the Blue Book occurs 6 months prior to its publication and the Curriculum Committee meets monthly)
  • Classes or activities to be advertised in the ChroniCLE must be submitted to the Curriculum Committee at least 3 months prior to the desired start time.
  • The Curriculum Committee requires at least a month to consider your proposal if you plan to advertise it through flyers, the email Announcements, or the website.

2.  You will be contacted by the Curriculum Committee and notified in writing or email about the disposition of your proposed course or activity and they will assist you in scheduling a room and meeting time.

3.  To download an OLLI Course/Activity Form click on one of the following: