Procedure for Submitting a Request for a New Course or Event for OLLI-CSUF


To propose a new course or event for OLLI-CSUF, please follow these steps:

  1. To complete the OLLI-CSUF Course/Event Proposal form PDF File , first download the pdf form and then fill it in.  Save the filled form with your name (e.g., jdoe-OLLI course-event proposal), and email the copy to . You may also print a copy of the form, hand-write the information, and turn the form in at the OLLI-CSUF office for consideration by the Curriculum Committee. 
    1. Proposals submitted by a non-OLLI member require an advocate who is an OLLI member.
    2. No honoraria will be paid to instructors, lecturers or performing artists.
    3. The Curriculum Committee meets monthly.  To be considered, please submit your proposal at least 7 days prior to a meeting date.  The meeting dates are available on the OLLI website at:
    4. No course or event can begin without receiving prior written approval from the Curriculum Committee.
    5. Courses or events that are to be published in the OLLI Blue Book Catalog must be submitted and approved 5 months prior to the proposed start date.
    6. Courses or events that will be advertised through flyers, email announcements or the OLLI website must be submitted and approved at least one month prior to the proposed start date.


  2. You will be contacted by the Curriculum Committee with the disposition of your proposed course or event.
  3. Click here for the Course/Event Proposal FormPDF File  and download the form before filling it.