Watercolor Workshop Watercolor Workshop


Every Wednesday • 1 p.m.-3:15 p.m. • Shapiro ABCD

June 6, 13, 20, 27 • July (4 holiday), 11, 18, 25 • August 1, 8

This course is an open workshop for all levels of watercolor artists. In alternate weeks (see below), we will have members or guests leading those who choose to join in on in-class projects. Members share what they have learned in workshops or experimental techniques. The class has a library of watercolor technique resources, which class members may borrow.

Come and join us in a relaxed, supportive environment to pursue your artistic passions!

Instructors : Emma Cox, Maggie Giles, Joan Lebsack, Joyce Ono, Betty Redmon, Sandy Wessel and guest instructors

Coordinators : Marion Brockett, Emma Cox, Maggie Giles, Mickey La Casa, Joan Lebsack, Joyce Ono and Mary Sampson


Summer in-class projects schedule, topics to be determined:

June 13     Lin Baesler

June 27     Emma Cox

July 11      Joyce Ono

July 25      Sandy Wessell

August 8   Jeff Layton


The Brea Gallery has a number of watercolor workshops slated for the coming year.  Go to their website to view the list of workshops.



  • Tables have to be set up and taken down each class session.  You are responsible for setting up your own card table and putting away card or folding table when finished.  If you can't, help with coffee or attendance sheet and someone else will take care of your table.
  • Water may be put in drain in the restroom but NOT in the kitchen.  Please leave sink clean.
  • We have coffee duty periodically.  If able and needed, please volunteer to help (or show others how).
  • On days that we have an optional demonstration/lesson, please sit toward the back of the room away from the screen since we may project videos or images and that part of the classroom may be darkened if you prefer to work on your own project.

What to paint?  Source material

  • Direct views are best.  Original photos are great.  Unpublished photos with permission of photographer are fine.  Work from these three sources may usually be entered in exhibits or sold as original work unless there is too much involvement of a teacher. 
  • Please don't steal intellectual property.   Copyrights are held on published (print or internet) photos or paintings.  Use them for practice, to keep, or to give to family.  Give credit to source/artist, preferably in signature line, otherwise on back).  Don't exhibit or sell as original work. 


  • Watercolor Resources for extensive list of art supply vendors, instructional sites, and handouts.
  • Art bookshelf in back of Shapiro CD (honor system; check out materials in red notebook) 


  • Mount your own display in the OLLI office (see Mary Sampson or Maggie Giles)
  • Volunteer to do a mini-workshop next semester (see Joyce or Betty)