Learn to Read Music 2learn to read music 2


Alternate Tuesdays • 2:45 p.m.-4 p.m. • Room 18

Spring Semester: January 21 • February 4, 18 • March 3, 17, (31 holiday) • April 7
Spring Intersession: April 14, 21, 28 • May 5, 12, (19 graduation), 26

Prerequisite: Taken “Learn to Read Music I” or able to play diatonic scale in the key of C

The class style will be “workshop” format. This course is a continuation of “Learn to Read Music I.” Continue developing your ability to recognize notes, note values, key signatures and other elementary music fundamentals. In addition, upper register notes, accidentals, sharps and flats will be covered. A soprano, alto or tenor recorder will be used in this course to facilitate learning. A music stand is mandatory. If you need further information, please contact Ellie Monroe at jim.ellie@mindspring.com. “Learn to Read Music I” will not be offered again until summer 2020.

Instructor: Ellie Monroe     Coordinator: Mickey La Casa