Right Brain Principles in the Understanding and Creation of Art––An Exploration and Discovery of Thinking (Open to the Public)

Three Fridays • 1:15 p.m. - 2:45 p.m. • Mackey AuditoriumDrawing Hands by M C Esher.

This interactive class will explore Right Brain/Left Brain drawing and how it relates to improvement in the student’s ability to draw realistically. With the initiation of the Right Brain/Left Brain drawing and painting theories over the past 40 years has come the evolution of many opinions and strategies on how a person sees and depicts subjects in art. Another aspect has been the exposure to many interesting self-awareness experiences that has helped students understand better how they perceive the world around them.  Note that this is not a drawing instruction class, but it may be of benefit to those who draw.

March 10  Experiences in Teaching People How to Draw Using Right Brain/Left Brain Techniques

The lecture will include methods of creating situations for the student to experience "breakthroughs" in their ability to draw. Examples of students’ work and the developmental steps to really seeing what the artist is attempting to draw will be presented. These are shared observations and adjustments acquired over many years of teaching drawing.

March 24  Thinking about Thinking

This lecture will examine how we function and react to past experiences and how learned behavior affects our patterns of expression in life and art.

April 14   The Illusion Is Not all Optical

This lecture will review how we take in visual information and how sometimes what we see is deceiving to our eyes and mind. Examples of how we can be more perceptive to making decisions in creating art, viewing art (our own, others, and in galleries), and in life will be presented.

Instructor:   Jeff Murray    Coordinators:   Linda Jacobs and Fritz von Coelln