Arts Forum (Open to the Public)  Dance Faculty Lisa Long

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Alternate Thursdays • 10 a.m.-11:30 a.m. • Mackey Auditorium

September 14, 28* • October 12, 26 • November 9, (23 break), 30

*The September 28th class has been cancelled.

You are invited to enjoy a new collaboration with the CSUF Department of Visual Arts and the Department of Theatre and Dance. This Arts Forum provides a venue for our university student/faculty artists to share their talents, research and expertise so that we may broaden our understanding and appreciation in these artistic fields. Details on each upcoming session will be available in the OLLI Events Open to the Public newsletter and at

Instructors : CSUF students and faculty

CSUF Coordinator : Arnold Holland, Associate Dean, College of the Arts

OLLI Coordinators : Joyce Ono, Linda Jacobs, Betty Redmon and Mary Sampson

Topic, Date, Speaker


Why is Sound a Design

September 14, 2017

Dave Mickey, Chair, Dept. of Theatre & Dance

We can see lights, costumes and the set design in the theatre, but since we cannot see sound is it still a design? We will explore sound as an element of story telling and how sound design can change the way we experience content. We will be listening to student's work from my advanced sound design classes as well as my professional work.

 September 28, 2017  Cancelled

Collaborative Storytelling

October 12, 2017

Kit Seaton, Asst. Professor of Illustration, Visual Arts Dept

Professor Kit Seaton, Assistant Professor of Illustration from the CSUF Visual Arts Department, presents on her work in Visual Narrative, and the benefits of collaborating with other creatives, building trust, and loving the process.

Revealing the "Inner Landscape" of Dancers through Graham-Based Technique

October 26, 2017

Lisa Long, Choreographer, dancer, educator and licensed massage therapist.  Modern Dance, Theatre & Dance Dept.

Exploring the DNA of dance from Martha Graham through three generations including our CSUF dance students is Professor Lisa Long’s passion. You will be treated to video of demonstrations of the strength-building technique, designed to reveal the “inner landscape” of each individual dancer as well as performance footage that illustrates these concepts in action on both professional dancers and upon our very own students. Follow the career of Ms. Long and how she arrived at CSUF to teach the next generation of dancers what it means to be as both Einstein and Graham stated, “An Athlete of God.”

Poetic Devices—The Kinetic Sculpture of
Jim Jenkins

November 9, 2017

Jim Jenkins, Professor and Program Coordinator, Sculpture

Jim Jenkins has been head of the CSUF sculpture program for 37 years and has been creating kinetic sculpture for over 40 years. Kinetic sculpture (like kinetic energy) is sculpture that moves. He is currently represented by the Lois Lambert Gallery in Santa Monica and has several works on display at the Mechanical Art and Design Museum in Stratford-Upon-Avon in the UK. In addition, he co-authored a book on the subject entitled Motion Motion: Kinetic Art (Peregrine Smith Books). For the Arts Forum lecture, Jim will discuss the process of creating works that come to life and share images and videos showing his work in motion.

Theatrical Makeup: Transformation into an Animal

November 30, 2017

Katie (Kathryn) Wilson, Assistant Professor of Theatre, Costume Design  [brand new faculty member]

 Kathryn Wilson is a new assistant professor in the Department of Theatre and Dance at CSUF with considerable experience in designing costumes and makeup for theater, dance, opera, and film productions.  She received her Masters in Fine Art at the University of California, Irvine.  Professor Wilson has designed and worked with many local, national, and international theater groups.  In 2006 she won the LA Weekly Award in costume design for Machiavelli.  Since the OLLI Arts Forum meets at the same time as her Beginning Makeup class, she will do her class session at OLLI and explore the importance of makeup in character design and how it relates to the design of non-human, anthropomorphic characters and do a makeup demonstration, transforming a human form into an animal.