Big Data and Technology: Surveillance vs. Privacy

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Alternate Tuesdays • Noon-1:45 p.m. • Shapiro CDBig Data

September 12, 26 • October 10, 24 • November 7, (21 break), 28

Can you see me now? Have we accepted a “1984” mentality? (You may want to reread the book.) We will discuss how real big data and technology have advanced since 1949 when this fiction book was written. How does it affect you and me? Has our own view of privacy changed? Where is it all going? Lots of questions, any answers? Is there a difference between government and commercial surveillance? What can we learn from big data, cyberspace, cyberwarfare, cybercrime, anonymity, hacking, whistle-blowers, national security and a global view? Since no one knows the answers to these questions, we will be in a discussion format. Everyone’s views are important. Come, participate and add your perspective about our future.

Instructor/Coordinator : Gene Brown