OLLI October Dinner

"Peace, Love, and OLLI - An Awsome Happening"

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Saturday, October 19 • 5 p.m.-9 p.m. • Shapiro ABCD

In honor of OLLI’s origins and birth 40 years ago, the Hospitality Committee invites you to remember life as we lived it in 1979-80. Remember Donna Summer, the Bee Gees and Disco music? Or the song “YMCA”? Men donned their 3-piece suits and women emphasized those shoulder pads and everybody had big hair. Remember the groundbreaking “Apocalypse Now” or “Three’s
Company?” Let’s have fun celebrating those bygone days while knowing that OLLI may be 40 but is just getting better with age. Join us for dinner and we will share a laugh or two as we reminisce together. Dressing for the “time” or as a notable person or character is encouraged and even more fun.

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Coordinators: Hospitality Committee; Chair-Tina Ernsting; Leads: Nancy Carlton, Linda Parato and Nancy Parker